Saganash drops F-bomb in Commons over federal approach to Trans Mountain


OTTAWA — New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash apologized to the House of Commons today after using the F-word to describe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

During question period, the NDP’s reconciliation critic said the federal government was wilfully violating its constitutional duties and obligations when it comes to its approach to the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline.

Saganash dropped the F-bomb while accusing Trudeau of not caring about Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

Speaker Geoff Regan immediately demanded an apology from Saganash for using profanity, while noting the longtime Quebec MP is an experienced member who knows the word constitutes “unparliamentary language.”

Saganash apologized, but added the government’s approach is so insulting that it makes him angry.

Regan thanked Saganash for withdrawing the word.

The Canadian Press