Shoemaker Talks Norgoma


The future of the Norgoma has been a contentious issue this past summer. Some believe that the Roberta Bondar Marina is the perfect home for the old vessel, others believe a better home can be found.

On Monday night city councilĀ  votedĀ  to move the vessel on April 15th or when the ice is gone.

Matthew Shoemaker spoke to Lou Anne Young about council’s decision.

Shoemaker also spoke about his idea for city employees to pay for parking at City Hall.


  1. And, while I am on a roll, coming off our international bridge into Sault Ste, Marie, Canada, looking at that big sign “Naked Girls” on Studio 10’s dilapidated building is the most horrific site in just about the entire world! What an introduction to Sault Ste. Marie never mind Canada! Is everyone here blind? Someone I know who moved here said when they came across the bridge and saw that they started to cry thinking they had to live here and looking at Studio 10! Mr. Mayor you are worried about the M.S. Norgoma when all of our tourists and new comers have to lay eyes on that horror coming into Canada???

  2. Mr. Shoemaker you should know that the 11 summer students were funded through grants that the M.S. Norgoma’s board went after and received!!! Getting rid of something that hires 11 summer students in this city in just insane. The Bondar Marina is a transient marina, so kick out all the local boats that don’t belong there and the marina will basically be empty all summer. That boat looks darling there and brings some interest to an otherwise boring area. This town has huge problems other than even worrying about that ship. Every other person is on drugs in this town. Oh, get rid of that god awful yellow house on the North-East Corner of PIM and Wellington and the Mayors ugly building on Queen St right by the methadone clinic that he owns. Now that is an eyesore! The one with the windows boarded up and ugly curtains and graffiti on it.

  3. I think it is interesting that what is not mentioned is that in the council report dated April 8, 2018 the quote to modernize the Bondar Marina WITHOUT the Norgoma is $771,000. The cost to modernize the Bondar Marina WITH the Norgoma is $625,000. So it will cost the city $146,000 (not counting Norgoma removal costs) more if the Norgoma is not there. Yes, there would be an additional 4 slips without the Norgoma and some larger slips. I have not seen Bondar occupancy numbers but am skeptical the return on investment makes sense. I think it is odd that the people seemingly concerned about wasting taxpayer money think the right decision is to remove the ship…

  4. Its about time this eye sore is taken away. Its been there for too long, taking up space, losing/not making any money. No one in this city is going to spend any money to restore it. This is a no-brainer. Matthew Shoemaker is an intelligent and rational person and we are lucky to have him represent us in Ward 3.

  5. Hey Shoemaker, address something that’s actually important like maybe the cities crippling drug problem. Which also seems to be invisible to Provenzano too as well.

  6. Why can’t it stay? What’s the problem? You seem to be focused on the wrong part of Sault ste. Marie Matt. Fix downtown. Fix the drug issue. Fix our roads. Fix Algoma steel. Is it reasonable to pay a councillor to fight stupid fights. Is it reasonable Matt?

  7. Quit trying to remove the Norgoma and tackle the Drug issue that the city is so “concerned” about.. Since the first eviction notice for the norgoma. I have not heard anything about strategies or talk about it period. This city is unbelievable! Dont vote to remove one more thing for the youth to do. Vote to remove Shoemaker!

  8. And by the way, Sault online needs to start putting these stories in print… Not all of us have internet streaming capabilities. I would really like to know what our resident mouthpiece actually had to say…..

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