Team Jacobs “Threw” Rocks with OFRHA Residents


The residents at the Ontario Finnish Resthome had some excitement on Wednesday when Team Jacobs came to curl with them.

This came after the residents challenged the team to a game via Facebook video last year.

“We have a lot of curling fans here, a lot of Jacobs fans, so they love it. They absolutely loved it,” explained Kotitalo Building Activity Aid Krystal Sonoc. “We made a video about a year ago challenging them to come -we had the residents put it on, we did put it right on Facebook live – I guess the guys didn’t see it for a year when it came back up on memories and they were tagged in it, so they saw it, they got in touch, and we got here today, this is the day they could come, and they had a blast. It was a lot of fun today.”

Curling, you may ask? They take the residents on the ice?

Not quite. This game of curling is very unique in that it’s played on the hardwood in the Kotitalo Building’s dinning room, almost in a shuffleboard style.

“We have this adaptive set that allows different people with different abilities to be able to do it,” Sonoc explained. “If you’re in a wheelchair, you can do it, if you have to sit, if you can stand, if you need two hands you can use two hands. So you don’t have to get down in any way -it’s for everyone. We’re all inclusive here.”

This game was brought into the resthome about a year and a half ago, and the residents loved it right from the start, Sonoc said. After a few games, they decided to challenge Team Jacobs to a match.

“The third time we had it, we said ‘we’ve got to challenge Team Jacobs to a game. We need them to come over, see how it is, maybe give us some pointers.'”

Brad Jacobs said after the video popped up on Facebook memories and they had a chance to see it, they started planning this event. It was in the works for about a month – they just had to make sure everyone’s schedules lined up.

“We’re about a week away from our curling season, so this is the perfect little warmup!” he exclaimed. “I think it’s just nice for us to be able to come in here. There’s probably not a ton of excitement, or various things this exciting coming into the Finnish Rest Home, so I just think that overall, this is a really great little hour spent with some of the residents of the Ontario Finnish Rest Home – we’re really just here to say hi to them, we know that they support us and watch us a lot on TV, so to actually see us in person, I’m sure means a lot to them. So really we’re just here for them.”

Both Jacobs and Sonoc say they hope to make this an annual event, providing schedules match up next summer.

“It looks like everybody’s having a lot of fun here, so you never know,” said Jacobs. “I’m sure that maybe next summer when our schedule calms down, as long as they keep this little curling event, curling game, going within the Finnish Resthome, I’m sure we’ll be back.”

“That would be nice, if they could come back, even in the summer in their off-season, just to come and give us an hour of their time,” Sonoc agreed. “I know it’s hard, I mean everybody’s busy, but that was really great of them to come today and we totally appreciate it.”

Sonoc said she thinks Team Jacobs coming in to give the residents this opportunity gave the residents a “big boost.”

“It’s not always easy to move from your home into a place like this. We try to make it as friendly and as a home as we can – we’re called Homes With A Heart, it’s our slogan,” she told SaultOnline. “So everybody just sometimes needs that little boost of ‘hey I know them, that’s awesome that they’re here.’ They just brightened a lot of days. We don’t normally get this many people to curling, so this was pretty awesome, little celebrities from town coming in to help us out today, that was great.”

Team Jacobs’ season starts next week in Cornwall, ON, and will continue all over Canada throughout the year.

“We’re looking forward to getting started,” Jacobs said.

For more information on the OFRHA, visit their website here or check them out on Facebook.

For more information on Team Jacobs, visit their website here or head on over to their Facebook page.


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