Ted Johnston Talks Campaign, Municipal Issue, and Hopes for the Sault


Riley Smith sat down today with mayoral candidate Ted Johnston to talk about a couple different issues.

Primarily, the LIUNA labour dispute and garbage collection.

With no hesitation, Johnston shared his thoughts and platform regarding these issues.

Johnston also sent this release into SaultOnline earlier today, commenting on the nature of the mayoral campaign so far;

“Well they are at it again, my high profile opponents seizing on the opportunity to call each other fraudulent. Let us step back and examine it carefully, without emotion. We quickly see that Mr. Provenzano and Mr. Ring are just two sides of the same coin. This garbage business is just another symptom of the disease that has been crippling the city under Provenzano and the Chamber of Commerce under Ring. Each of them is telling you what is to be done.

Unfortunately they are running for the position of Elected Representative. That means they are supposed to be asking the taxpayer what you want done. Both however are dictating what they believe should be done without any consultation at all. Same old, same old. Why is city hall in such a mess? Because they do not consult the public nor keep them informed on what is going on and what the options are. They do not seek innovative ideas to better our community.

Perhaps the majority of us want out of the garbage business, contracting it to private firms.  Where’s the data on which we can make an informed decision? Where are studies showing that it is cheaper in the long run to contract out? I did a quick Google search and could not find one, so if any exist it requires a fair bit of effort to locate. How about staying in the garbage business?

I can see a certain logic to doing that. If you contract out 100% of garbage collection to a private firm what is to stop them from buying the competitors and then charging whatever they want. Companies do that kind of stuff all the time. To have a monopoly is the aspiration of the corporate world. I am not saying it would happen, it certainly could happen in the future though. That means it needs to be taken into consideration when looking at what to do.

I want input on how my tax dollars are spent.  If you feel the same, then you have only one choice for Mayor, Ted Johnston. Don’t let yourself be dictated to, this is a democracy!”


  1. Totally agree with the whole government concept, we no longer have a democracy but dictatorship. The federal government keeps saying “this is what the people want” i dont know anybody who is agreeing with what he is doing from the illegals to the pipeline we bought$ etc. Good luck tho ted

  2. I find it appalling that time and other so important resources are going to be wasted into this matter . I mean regarding the reconstruction of the building in respect to the unsettled dispute or disagreement and contentious for no good reason situation.

    My communication is for no wrong motive or improper purpose without any doubt in my mind.


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