Traffic Concerns Top of Mind For Ward 5 Voters


While visiting neighbourhoods throughout Ward 5​,​ City Councilor candidate Corey Gardi has identified traffic concerns as ​a top priority​ amongst Ward 5 voters.

“I have visited over 1​,​200 homes ​in​ the ​p​ast several weeks and one of the issues that is top of mind in the west end is traffic​,” ​said Gardi.

Most concerns revolve around truck traffic and the speed at which many vehicles are travelling.

“I have heard it over and over again. Vehicles are moving too fast on residential streets and our busier thoroughfares,” said Gardi. “For everyone’s safety​,​ we have to better enforce speed limits.”

Further, “we need to ensure that commercial trucks are obeying the speed limit and following the designated truck routes. Many residents, particularly along Wallace Terrace, Second Line West, Goulais Avenue and Allen’s Side Road​, ​have raised this concern with me.”

“We all understand truck traffic is necessary, but when transports and other heavy trucks move too fast, they take a great toll on our roads and many of our homes. The residents of Ward 5 will have a strong advocate in me should I be fortunate enough to be elected,​”​ concludes Gardi.


  1. My granny and her friends say lower Bay street is awful for speeding, racing cars, motorcycles and trucks on a daily basis as well as the illegal ‘rattle your tea cup’ exhausts on same.

    • I don’t care where he lives in SSM as long as he is serious about addressing traffic issues ,particularly the stone deaf owners of muffler challenged vehicles.

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