Ward One Incumbent Paul Christian Talks Taxes, Splash Pad, and More


Ward One incumbent Paul Christian joined Civic Affairs on September 17th to talk about his legacy so far as a City Councilor, and his hopes for the future if he is re-elected for a third term.

Christian told ONNtv that he will not run for a fourth term, that this will in fact be his last.

He also said he hopes to mentor young people who hope to run in future elections. He sees this as a perfect match, given his passion for politics and his career in teaching.

Christian’s primary concern moving forward with council is getting a handle on our high industrial and commercial tax rates, an issue which he described as “loud and clear.”

The ward one incumbent and teacher also explained the delay in building and finalizing the Sault’s splash pad, an initiative that he brought forward.

“We were trying to lessen the burden on the community by getting Trillium funding, so we had to wait for them on one hand which pushed us back. We also tried to use our own staff to do the ground work instead of using the supplier. We had to schedule our staff in which also pushed everything back. The work has also slowed down because we are waiting for the supplier, who has a full schedule with other work. The money we are using, for the most part, is coming out of the sub-dividers fund… So it is actually the developers in Sault Ste. Marie buying the splash pad, it isn’t really a levy item.”

In other words, it is taking longer, but saving taxpayer money. “The staff really did try to save money for the community,” Christian said.

For the full interview with Christian, as well as interviews with other candidates Marchy Bruni and Donna Hilsinger, visit our Video on Demand in the next couple of days for the full episode of Civic Affairs.



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