Well Folks – It’s Happened Again. Ace of Spades still in Play.


With increasing tension, the room held its breath as David Guerrero pulled one of three envelopes from inside the locked cabinet inside The Esquire Club.

As the headline suggests, Mr. Guerrero did not pull the Ace of Spades. What he did pull was a staggering $92,000 in the weekly jackpot with Queen of Spades in hand. Now we are really getting into life-altering territory here.  I mean – wow – that was a close one.

One can only imagine the thrill of seeing a Spade card – just not the right one. The Ace of Spades is hiding in one of two envelopes left.




As Saultonline reported earlier today, the line-up for tonight’s game started the previous night. And that is a fact. The line-up is a major part of this event – and people are finding camaraderie  and fellowship along the sidewalks heading east down Second Line – along Wellington St W. – and beyond.

Two weeks ago, the Esquire Club began capping ticket sales going forward to $2,000.00 per person.


The Progressive Jackpot is somewhere in the stratosphere.

Each week that a person doesn’t pull the Ace of Spades is another week for Sault –  and region – citizens to plan their following Thursday. Which is September 27th. ONNtv’s Alex Parr, will be there again next week. It should be a lively affair.

Watch below as Superior Media’s Angela Pezzotti visited the ticket line earlier today and spoke with folks who are very vested in supporting the charities that the Esquire Club is doing all of this for. The Group Health Centre Trust Fund and Big Sisters Big Brothers. The amount of money is now over the one million mark. That’s $1,100,000.


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