Will YOU Catch the Ace Tonight?


Another Thursday, another week of Catch the Ace at the Esquire Club.

The elusive Ace is still in play. With only five cards left, the stakes are high and the odds of catching the ace are truly great.

And SaultOnline has learned that there have been people lined up since quater after nine this morning. “The line is already at Uncle Gino’s,” said Dom Braido, owner and operator of the Esquire Club.

It is no wonder why people are going crazy for the ace. This is no small jackpot. Sitting at near $371,000, the jackpot will only go up as tickets get purchased from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at $5.00 a piece. All proceeds from Catch the Ace will go toward the Group Health Centre Trust Fund and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie. Even if you don’t manage to pick that tricky ace, Boomer Braido, owner and operator of the Esquire, estimates the weekly prize will stand at $65,000.

The Sault will have one lucky winner tonight regardless.

If the ace is not caught tonight, new rules will be imposed starting next Thursday. Dom told SaultOnline “We will be capping dollars per person at $2000 next week. There is a lot of old money in this city and I want everyone to have a chance. There are people who have supported all along and I don’t want them to miss the opportunity to buy a ticket because someone bought a ton of tickets at the beginning. Plus, whatever isn’t sold the charity has to pay for, which makes printing the tickets difficult.”

When asked how many tickets are available for tonight’s draw, Dom said “Everyone who wants one will get one. There is enough.”

You must be present to win when the draw is made at 9:30pm, or if you are watching the live stream on Facebook, you have 30 minutes to head down to the club and collect your prize.

Remember – parking is allowed at United Flooring and OK Tires, but please be respectful and don’t block the bay doors. Parking is not allowed at the mall next door, Rexall Drug Store, or Sleepy’s Mattress.

In other housekeeping items, the Esquire Club asks that if you wait in line on Second Line that you clean up your mess.

Be prepared to wait in line. Last week, line-ups started by 3pm and only got longer, going down Second Line and wrapping around Rexall.

For more information, visit the Esquire Club’s Facebook page, which is where the event will be live streamed!

Tune into ONNtv and SaultOnline for coverage of the event!


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