Algoma Power demonstrates act of kindness for RVP homeowners. Lights are still on.

Tire marks through the dirt show where a mobile home had, moments before, moved out of RVP. The homeowner who had been at RVP for over 30 years, was emotional and exhausted, as she watched her home being moved to Beaumont Trailer Park, further up highway 17 N.

In what can only be described as good corporate citizenship, Algoma Power has informed residents at River Valley Park in Aweres Township that the power will continue until October 30th, 2018.

Readers of saultonline’s continuing coverage of River Valley Park will remember Monday’s story that shared the details of a notice homeowners had received last week from Algoma Power. Hydro to RVP was slated for discontinuation today.

Superior Media can confirm that homeowners will, in fact, continue to receive power up to and including October 30th, 2018.

Peggy Lund, Algoma Power Supervisor – Customer Service told Superior Media, “Algoma Power has worked with Social Services to find a solution to ensure that power isn’t interrupted before the closure of the park which API understands to be October 30, 3018.”

To read Monday’s story, go here:

On Tuesday evening, Superior Media received a disturbing phone call from one of the homeowners at River Valley Park informing me that 3 men, identifying themselves as being from the Brampton, Ontario area were at RVP courtesy RVP Inc.’s owner, Mr. Jasbir Dusanjh. And why were they there? The answer seems to be that Mr. Dusanjh (allegedly) gave the men the green light to begin dismantling mobile homes at the park. Allegedly, Mr. Jasbir Dusanjh told them to come back in a couple of days and said that when they come back they can take whatever they want.”

“They (the three men from Brampton) told me that they were also in town to purchase a mobile home at RVP which, they said, fell through.” the homeowner stated.

Superior Media has again, reached out to Mr. Jasbir Dusanjh, to no avail.  RVP Inc. has not, to the best of my knowledge, supported any homeowner with a move, either through physical labour or financial help.

The homeowner, who was in tears said, “We’re all really worried about our things.  There have been alot of vultures coming into the park. We’re human beings about to potentially lose everything. For people to come out to the park and just think they can poach our stuff – it’s totally dehumanizing. We’re exhausted. It’s not right.”

No, it isn’t right. Not one iota.

preparing to move a mobile home out of RVP.




  1. So they get free power for a week? When they show up at my door they must be paid now or the lights go out…I don’t even get till the end of the day? Never mind a week for free that you never, ever have to pay for?!? Not to mention their disconnection notice scam…Every time we send you a letter we get to charge you a huge disconnection notice fee just for sending you a letter! Wow

  2. This is a terrible situation put upon these people, trudeau has to go, he cares more about other people and countries than his own country, keep letting illegals in and this will only continue to happen.i have never seen a leader of a country take more care of illegals than its own people smh

    • Tredeau has nothing to do with it. this is a provincial issue and no one from the government CAME EXCEPT FOR Mr Mantha MP .. the two parties in control Liberals and the PC have not once contacted us. and the Mayor of our city; last year told us its not his problem,,, So stop with the Trudeau government ..Its the Wynn and Ford government showing no care for the people of the North. and the affordable home programs that the Provincial government talks about is not helping anyone. I wish people would learn how our government work before complaining,,, we have three forms of government municipal. provincial, and federal

  3. The owner of this park should be put through some of the hell their clients are going through because winter is fast approaching. Why did the city or government not step in and help these people. If you put yourself in their shoes and get kicked out of the park they have known as home for so many years and try to uproot everything and move!! NOT FAIR!

    • I don’t understand why the government (provincial) hasn’t put a court order to freeze all assets to the situation is resolved. I have mention also why isnt these owners for the park and power charged with fraud ,,

  4. The sad part is it could of been fixed a long time ago. The only ones that are suffering are the people that live there. No let more foreigners come into our country buy our land and businesses and run them into the ground and close them up cause they don’t care they got what they wanted into our country. Again the only ones suffering is the tenants where is the government to help these people that lived here all their lives.

  5. Mr. Jasbir Dusanjh has proven to be a slippery weasel regarding this whole affair. He needs to be arrested before he flees the country. He has surely broken the law by taking power and rent payments from the tenants and not paying the government or power company with it, not to mention he did not follow the legal rules, he ignored them and made up his own eviction rules to fast-track getting everyone out and closing the park. The government should be on him like flies on dung.

    • has anyone checked to see if he is a Canadian Citizen or here as Landed Immigrant through self support? As there is a set term they have to own business that is considered an asset to country in order to be able to stay.

      and is he born around 1966?

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