China attacks provision of new USMCA deal said to be aimed at Beijing


OTTAWA — China says it deplores a controversial new clause in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that calls on the countries to notify each other if they enter into trade talks with a “non-market” economy.

In a scathing statement, the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa says section 32.10 of the new USMCA amounts to an act of political dominance by the U.S., which it blames for inserting the clause some say gives the Americans a veto over Canada and Mexico pursuing free trade with China.

The Trump administration is embroiled in a trade war with China and has slapped tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods, prompting retaliation from Beijing.

Now, China says Trump is using the contentious clause in the new agreement with Canada and Mexico to prevent those countries from trading with it.

In a statement to The Canadian Press, Chinese Embassy spokesman Yang Yundong calls the move dishonest behaviour that blatantly interferes with the sovereignty of other countries.

China disputes the notion it is a non-market economy, saying it is a member in good standing of the World Trade Organization.

The Canadian Press


  1. We should never signed a deal that limits us from persuing new markets. The U.S. is just not a stable trading partner and is not interested in fair trade.

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