Connect with Theo Fleury


In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, the John Howard Society is thrilled to invite the community to an evening of “Connection and Conversation with Theo Fleury” which is being held at the Marconi Hall on November 1st.

In preparation for this evening, we have had the pleasure of getting to know his story on a much deeper level.  We have seen the extent of the work he has done in the past decade and are excited about the positive impact it could have on those in attendance as well as for the overall community.

Theo has taken his extreme lived experience with abuse (trauma), addictions and mental health and spent time on his own healing journey.  He has actively listened to others by personally travelling to over 300 First Nations communities, working with first responders, outreach workers and mental health and addiction professionals.

He has gone to over 15 correctional facilities, spoken to athletes, students and community citizens and has had over 500,000 people directly or indirectly tell him “Me Too.” Theo will be attending our Algoma Treatment and Remand Centre the morning of our dinner and speaking to the inmates to provide his insights and beliefs of healing.

Theo is an author of several best-selling books and has made a documentary.  He works with several different organizations and not only facilitates workshops, but also provides personal coaching with people dealing with trauma personally or professionally.  He has travelled across the country many times in an effort to see what different communities were doing and what was working or not working.  Throughout all this, Theo has worked closely with experts in the field of trauma.

His message is profound and based in a wisdom few people get to in their totality. His life experiences have deepened his understanding of the issues people and communities experience on so many levels. It’s not only that he has one of the most amazing recovery stories ever but he has absolutely dedicated his life to sharing everything he knows and what he is still learning to help other people and communities become more hopeful and resilient.

We believe this is a very unique opportunity for our community that will support and complement the great work so many people are already doing to make the Sault a great community.  This evening is about a universal message of hope that will resonate with everyone regardless of how you live your life or what you do for a living.  This is a “Pay It Forward” initiative from the John Howard Society to our fellow community members.

To purchase tickets at $45, which includes dinner and book signing, please go to  Ticket sales end Monday October 29th. No tickets will be sold at the door. and the John Howard Society is also giving away tickets to this fabulous event. Click here to enter for your chance.