Creativity and Innovation: ADSB Hosts Conference for Young Aspiring Authors


On Wednesday, students with ADSB had the unique opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue around reading, writing, oral communication and media literacy in the modern age.

Workshops were offered for 160 students from grades 6 and 7 across the board from Wawa to Elliot Lake, who were selected by their teachers for their interest in being ambassadors who will “take the knowledge back to their schools and share what they learned about 21st century literacy.”

The day began with a keynote speaker, Joyce Grant, co-founder of She shared with students how to sort out real from fake news in a world that is full to the brim with both.

The workshops ranged in topic from careers in journalism and broadcasting, to Anishnaabek culture and storytelling, to painting, 3D printing and stop-motion animation.

ONNtv had the opportunity to speak with teachers and literacy leads Laura Alopaeus-Gomes and Heidi Macdonald, who helped to organize the event.The goal of the conference was to teach traditional and unconventional ways that one can become an author – be it traditional book-writing, or through songwriting, blogging, or news-writing. “Literacy has surpassed just reading and writing,”Alopaeus-Gomes said.

When asked if this would become an annual event, Alopaeus-Gomes said “this has been such a learning curve for us. It has been amazing to have the support of our colleagues and presenters to make this happen, but it is too soon to say at this point (if it will become an annual event). But, we hope to make it an annual or bi-annual event in the future.”

Macdonald added, “We have already had requests for this to happen at the secondary level.”

Students were energetic, excited and engaged with the speakers and workshops, as their minds were shaped for future positions in technology, creativity and innovation.