Crime of the Week: 5 Vehicles Engulfed in Flames


Crime Stoppers and the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service are asking for your assistance in identifying two suspects in arson.

On the 21st of September 2018 at around 4:30 a.m. two unknown people attended at the Multimodal Terminal lot off Cathcart Street.

The suspects left the lot a short time later.

At around 5:13 a.m. city police received a 911 call regarding explosions in the area of that location.

City police and Fire attended to discover five vehicles engulfed in flames behind an address on Cathcart Street resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

If you can identify these people and your tip leads to an arrest you may be eligible for a cash reward.

If you have information on this crime or any other crime call Crime Stoppers at 705-942-7867 or 1-800-222-8477.

Type a tip through our website at  or download the P3 app.





  1. Crazy times here in Sault Ste. Marie. Five cars on fire sounds like somebody is sending a message.

    In any case, and because it is VOTING DAY…

    If you think you don’t know enough to vote today you are WRONG.

    You DO know enough to VOTE.

    VOTE for the candidate(s) you feel have INTEGRITY.

    You can TRUST representatives who have personal INTEGRITY.

    You can TRUST they will get back to you EVERY TIME you call or email them. That’s what representatives with personal INTEGRITY do.

    Plus you can TRUST they will make decisions to enrich the lives of us CITIZENS, rather than making decisions that will enrich themselves or their buddies.

    And people with INTEGRITY will always make those CITIZEN enriching decisions whether they are making those decisions in front of the cameras, or from behind closed doors.

    If, however, there are NO candidates you feel have personal INTEGRITY, then:
    1) go to the voting place,
    2) get your ballot,
    3) go behind the screen,
    4) hold your nose, and
    5) place an X beside one of the newcomers names.

    Whatever you do DON’T SPOIL YOUR BALLOT.

    And DON’T stay home and not vote.

    If you do those things nothing will change 🙁

    GO VOTE for INTEGRITY, or at the very least fresh faces. How much worse can it get?


    • Mark, it’s no wonder you are barred from council meetings… You don’t need to post your name, the way you post says who you are.. Quit electioneering… If you feel so strong about it, run for council, don’t just back-bite those that do….LOL..

    • Hi Bill,

      I don’t need to run for council. I just need our elected representatives to always do what they feel is the right thing for us, and that would include always returning our calls and emails, listening, asking questions of citizens and staff, bringing information that they have to the Council table, and then deciding what they feel will be in the best interests of the community.

      That’s it.

      ANY elected representative can do ALL those things. And I mean ANYBODY. And that’s why I don’t need to run for city council. I just have to VOTE for representatives who will do all of those things.

      But I need for the rest of the community to VOTE as well Bill, and for people who will do those things in order to get representatives who will always do those things.

      When only 40% of the citizens vote, the people with the most name recognition and/or the most money to spend on their campaigns usually win, and those people don’t necessarily return all their calls and emails.

      40% is not good if people want things to change for the better.

      It needs to be at least 65% in order to start getting representatives who are committed to returning phone calls and emails. When 65% of the voters vote no incumbent can afford to rest on their laurels. They have to do a top notch job for the people of the community if they hope to get re-elected ever again.

      It’s just that simple.

      Plus, why should I have to run for city council just to get representatives to return their emails and phone calls? I shouldn’t Bill, and neither should anyone else.

      People don’t vote because they’ve given up. They know that their taxes will go up, and their representatives won’t represent them, or return their calls and emails.

      The only way to solve the problem of your Mayor and Councillors not calling you back is to tell all your neighbours what a lousy Councillor and Mayor you have, and then you and your neighbours vote for somebody who will call and email you back.

      But that REQUIRES you and your neighbours to VOTE.

      The good thing about Matthew Shoemaker was NOT the number of Resolutions he put forward, that was good too, but it was the fact that every time I emailed him he emailed me back, and he often DISAGREED with the things I was saying and asking him to do, but he ALWAYS emailed me back and let me know where he stood.

      That’s excellent representation.

      Matthew Shoemaker DESERVES to be back for that reason alone IMHO.

      We will NEVER get the kind of people who will make it a priority to contact us when we reach out to them UNTIL we start voting in LARGE NUMBERS.

      “Nothing will change”, is a self-fulfilling prophecy because is it keeps people from voting.

      If people don’t vote nothing will change.

      Voting, in big numbers (65+%), is the ONLY thing that will force elected representatives to be more responsible with the power they have been granted.

      BTW, I wlll NEVER EVER run for City Council Bill.


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