Don’t Drink the Koolaid!


Wow, what a killer tune by Accept, one of Germany’s best metal bands of all time; even better than Ludwig van Beethoven or Johann Christian Bach (insert laughing emoji here).

This song is from last years kick ass album The Rise of Chaos. Every friggin song off this LP is a ladykiller, home run, slam dunk, goal of the week, or whatever cliche or phrase you want to use. From Koolaid to songs like The Rise of Chaos, and Race To Extinction, it confirms a comment I read recently. The comment refers to mainstay guitarist Wolf Hoffmann; “does Wolf ever produce a riff that isn’t brilliant ?” It is pretty close to being accurate. I have to give thanks to my buddy Mike J. for reminding me of this band, I can say I have gone back and have been Accept- binging on all of their material. I am also binging on Ozarks Season 2 btw.

Now, most people that are metalheads will know the songs Balls To the Walls, Princess of the Dawn. London Leatherboys, Metal Heart etc. These were from classic Accept albums anchored not only by the crisp metal guitar tone but the Bon Scott-esque vocals of German God Udo Dirkschneider.

As I preach about Accept-ance, I must tell you that they have replaced members quite a few times over the years, but for some reason; maybe Wolf made a deal with the devil, but Accept has continued to destroy eardrums and science by putting out song after song that is unique and totally kicks ass. Take Teutonic Terror for instance from Blood of Nations (2010) and you’ll see and hear the real genius of these guys.

American frontman Mark Tornillo who hails from Joysey (New Jersey) couldn’t compliment the riffing of Wolf any better. Mark joined the band in 2009 and has helped them sell out shows year after year. The other mainstay in the band over Accepts long career is bassist Peter Baltes who has played on all of their 15 albums.

The striking thing about Accept is that they have found a very unique tone… sound if you are not a guitarist. Guitarists will know what I mean by tone; every song is unique but has the same signature crunch that separates it from anyone else out there.

I have noticed something else that is pretty cool and I’ll bet you didn’t know this Mike. When we went down to see Judas Priest this summer (Soaring Eagle Casino)  and watched them kill the show…..the new guitarist that replaced Glenn Tipton on the tour… Andy Sneap, has produced/engineered Accept albums since 2010. Andy has also worked with and produced albums for Testament, Blaze Bayley, Exodus, Megadeth and many more. Interesting eh Mike?

Anyway getting back to the Title track… of this article; I challenge you to listen to this song. I’ll make it easy for you….it’s right here. If this song doesn’t give you goosebumps, check your pulse… you’re probably close to death. I remember being mesmerized by this topic when I first heard Jonestown by Concrete Blonde back in the day. I did my research and have watched many a documentary on this tragedy. This song has a dark way of bringing it back. Maybe someone will leave a cult by listening to this song… but, if they were already in a cult they probably wouldn’t be able to read my articles. Seriously though, I literally get goosebumps listening to it.

I don’t’ know what else to say other than if you’re in the mood for metal and something fresh, give these Accept tunes a listen and get back in there. This song is called The Curse… it starts off with a Sound of Silence kind of intro but make no mistake… this song is all Accept. Another great song that I alluded to earlier is Teutonic Terror and I suggest you listen to this as well. I mean I can go on forever… song after song after song… album after album after album; all gifts to us from the heavy metal Gods.

Accept will be touring somewhat closeby this January when they take part in the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise that leaves Ft. Lauderdale Florida on the 31st of January 2019. Get your tickets.

Anyway, if you are into punk rock, you might be interested in my article next week; I’ve been asked to interview Jake Burns (2 pm Thurs) from the legendary punk band Stiff Little Fingers. They will be touring Canada and making a stop in Thunder Bay in November.

Steel PantherStaying on the topic of live shows, don’t’ forget to get your Steel Panther tickets. The show is going to be wild and they will be coming to “rock some balls” at the Dream Makers Theatre on Saturday, December 1.

And here is a word from Michael Starr


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