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Brian Vollmer has a message. Take a listen below.

Yes, I am giving away some Steel Panther tickets in the coming weeks as part of my Rock Talk column. All you have to do is read and share.

This week I have a treat; a kind of two for one as this week we talk to both Brian Vollmer of Helix fame, and for our older generation readers, we chat with legendary percussionist Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer/Asia). I put the word out that I needed an interview asap and ….well I got what I was looking for. I actually had to turn down (for now) an interview with Uriah Heep guitarist and founding member Mick Box due to a scheduling conflict; with me lol. Yes, this week is a busy one for you know who. Hopefully, I can interview this shredder in the future.

Brian Vollmer
Anyway, Brian is living in London Ontario and has an impeccable memory. When I approached him for the interview and explained who I was and where the column (Rock Talk) is based out of he responded like this.
Brian V. ” Sure, as long as we keep it to 15 minutes or less. SSM eh? I have bad memories of your city…not the fans…they were the greatest, but the club owners. The last place, the old b***h who used to run that place beside the Eastgate was something else. She blackmailed us into not charging GST (which is illegal btw) and that night a couple of my band members got bitten by bed bugs. Greedy, she even didn’t let us go on until 12:30 am even though the place had been sold out and fans were waiting from 7pm..greedy mother ******s…The first time we played the Sault was for the guy JJ from the WT. His first words weren’t …Hello…they were …by the end of the week you’ll hate my f*****g guts……he was right! “
LoL, this guy is hilarious, but what a memory on him; I mean he has played thousands of shows all over the world and in a heartbeat remembered these details. As I said earlier, Brian is living with his wife in London and is still rocking on. He doesn’t play as many shows these days but he is still involved in the music business. Currently, he is working with a company out of Italy to re-release the first two vinyl albums Breaking Loose, and White, Lace, and Black Leather.
Prepping for this interview I went back and downloaded some old Helix stuff and I am glad I did. I think ROCK YOU overshadowed quite a bit of their work over the years. That song was big and went viral around the world, but they were big with other hits as well, such as Gimme Good Lovin, Deep Cuts The Knife, and Heavy Metal Love. My all time fav song by Helix though has to be Make Me Do Anything You Want…..a great version of Canadian band A Foot In Cold Water’s original song. Listen for yourself.
Some of Helix’s best-known albums are Walkin’ the Razors Edge, No Rest for the Wicked,  and my personal favourite…. Long Way To Heaven.
Aside from touring and the business side of Helix (Planet Helix), Brian gives vocal lessons via Bel Canto to music students.
Drummers, listen up; Carl Palmer confides that “Neil Peart” is one of my good friends and it’s too bad he doesn’t play anymore” I was privileged to speak with this English drum legend this week He is the backbone to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer and was also in the band Asia (The Heat of the Moment), a song we all know. Lucky Man was a cult classic for ELP back in the day. These days, Carl is still touring and will be playing close by in Westland Michigan at The Token Lounge on October 28.
Carl Palmer has a message in the following audio link.
When Carl is not touring he tells me he is heavy into the art world. You can check out his pieces at This past summer Carl Palmer released Carl Palmer Legacy Live which encompasses two live shows.
Carl Palmer
Regarding the Steel Panther tickets, I will be giving away 6 tickets over the next month and a half. All you have to do is Like and Share Rock Talk and participate a bit. In the comments section, I want you to name one song Steel Panther song. Duplicate songs will be disqualified. Next week, before Rock Talk goes up on Wednesday, I will count the songs and after writing them down on a piece of paper, I will draw the winning song out of a hat.
The winner will be notified via the article and instructions on when and where to pick up the tickets will be given at that time. Good Luck!
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