Garrison Gym showcased as part of Open House at Sault Armoury.


The public was invited to participate in the Canadian Army Reserve Open house and Job Fair at the Sault Armoury on Saturday, September 29th. An extensive tour of the Armoury, located at 1 Garrison Way was offered, and Superior Media was there to peek inside the large military facility.

LCol V.L. Knox, who led much of Saturday’s tour began his military career at the Sault Armouries 42 years ago. He joined the 49th Field Regiment as a private, and has risen through the ranks over his lengthy career with the Canadian Armed Forces. LCol Vance Knox has been the Commanding Officer of the 49th Artillery Regiment, RCA since October 2015.

The new garrison gym was officially opened on Saturday by LCol Knox. The garrison gym is intended for the 33 Service Battalion and 49th Field Regiment as well as the CIC officers. The gym was constructed over several months in an empty space inside the Armouries, on the main floor, with the support of various community businesses, organizations and private citizens who contributed to the development.

HCol. Clyde Healey participated in the ribbon cutting for the garrison gym. HCol Healey has been actively working on the Veterans Commemorative Monument.

During Saturday’s tour, LCol Knox shared a story about a bible with historical significance that is set inside a cabinet among an impressive collection, archived in the Armouries. In the video, LCol Knox described taking the bible with him to the Canadian Forces base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Knox served for eight months in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan, April to December of 2010.

Captain Glen Vine, 33rd Service Battalion spent time with Superior Media, providing insight into the myriad of transferrable skills a person could gain as part of the reserves. In the video, Captain Vine explains that the reserves can offer a great deal to an individual, and a commitment to reserves will lead a person into opportunities to serve Canada, primarily on domestic efforts. Any decision to serve abroad would be entirely up to the individual reservist.

Captain Glen Vine spoke with Rory Ring who was interested in the various trades and specialized training the reserves offer youth and adults. From procurement to vehicle technicians to welding and human resources, there are a whole host of reasons to join the canadian forces reserves. Ring told Superior Media that, as a person with a family history that includes military service, he wanted to include the Open House on his calendar. 

33 Service Battalion is a reserve Canadian Army Combat Service Support (CSS) unit that provides logistics and maintenance support services, primarily to the units of 33 Canadian Brigade Group, as well as other elements of the Canadian Armed Forces. This support includes food services, transportation, supply, administration, vehicle and weapons repair. Compromised of different trades, branches and corps, the unit conducts training in garrison and in the field during selected weekends and evenings to prepare for domestic and international tasks, such as responses to local natural disasters, and overseas deployments. The Battalion consists of a Headquarters element, Forward Support Group Ottawa and Forward Support Group Huron Shores. Geographically dispersed, 33 Service Battalion has elements in Sault Ste Marie, North Bay and Ottawa.

49th (SSM) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (49th Fd Regt) is a Primary Reserve unit of 33 Canadian Battle Group (33 CBG) – the role of which is to train artillery unit members to provide indirect fire in the support of Army operations augmenting Canada’s Regular Force both domestically and on expeditionary operations.

Primarily, new members work one evening a week and one or two weekends a month during the school year (Sept – May). Within their first few years of service, new members must also be available to attend full-time courses during the summer (Jul-Aug) where technical skills are acquired for employment on operations and training during the part-time training year.

The Army Reserves offer great leadership opportunities for women and men. Canadian reservists can learn new and transferable skills that they can apply in their existing careers and daily lives; all while proudly serving their country. Recruiting new members to the Army Reserves is a nation-wide Army effort under Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy.

The Government of Canada has committed to increasing the size of the Reserve Force to 30,000 (an increase of 1,500) and to reduce the length of time it takes for an individual to join the Reserve Force to approximately 30 days. To learn more about the 49th Field Regiment and 33 Battalion, go here:


  1. I tried to contact you through the net and that proved futile, we have but one armoury, not two armouries. Your caption ought to read, “Open house at Sault Armoury” not, “Open House at Sault Armouries”. It is an error that not only News folk make. I stood corrected so I return the favour.

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