Group of Seven Influence Local Paint Classes


The 46th annual Algoma Fall Festival has officially kicked off!

This festival is a month-long, multi-disciplinary arts celebration held each October here in the Sault. The Festival includes music, theatre, dance and visual arts. The Algoma Fall Festival Association also delivers the Festival of Learning; an extensive arts outreach and education program.

This year, the festival has incorporated a Group of Seven exhibit and an art class dedicated to the style of the Seven. Each class is two hours long and is geared to any experience level. Artists can choose from a variety of Group of Seven paintings to replicate.

“We have a great collection in the art gallery right now of the Group of Seven, so we have it there to look at before we even get started and they can see the live works,” class art instructor Annie King told SaultOnline. “It’s a great group of artists to look from and it’s connected to the land here in Sault Ste. Marie, which is always wonderful. And the Group of Seven is just so popular, people are really interested in their style.”

King said she thinks this is a great way for artists of any level to be able to paint, because the Group of Seven’s work isn’t as intimidating as more well-known artists to the general public.

“It’s a really great start to integrate people in, and they’re learning skills here as well,” she explained. “It’s not just a paint-by-numbers thing, it’s learning some valuable skills – a little bit of colour theory, different brush strokes and then taking an individual approach based on where the students are in their level of painting.”

This class will be held again on October 13, 20 and 27, and has been extended into November due to popularity. All classes are sold out.

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