Jessy Needs Your Help


Local resident Jessy James is a very special little girl, there may be only one other person in the world like her.

Unfortunately, what makes Jessy special is a rare neurological disorder, she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus three years ago when she was six,  but that’s not all, the doctors also found  3 cysts in her brain, one of which is on the base of her skull.

These cysts cause excruciating headaches and Jessy must travel back and forth to Ottawa to CHEO for treatment.  Several other cysts where also found inside the third ventricle and she needs surgery to remove the cysts which are growing.

Removing the cysts however will not be an easy operation due to their proximity to a main artery.

On Wednesday October 17th, Jessy underwent her first surgery, which she came through wonderfully.  Dr. McCauley, Jessy’s surgeon, is determined that Jessy stay in Ottawa until he finds all the answers.

Jessy’s family is  asking everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts during this trying time.

Troy’s Trail, a local support for people with Hydrocephalus & Spina Bifida, is asking anyone who would like to help the family with the expenses for travel, accommodations, or food can contact them at 705-946-4532 or send an email [email protected]  a PayPal donation can be made here.

Troy Chandler, of Troy’s Trail and Jessy’s aunt, Diana James joined Riley Smith in the ONNTV studios to discuss Jessy’s condition.

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Jessy James and Troy Chandler