“Job-killing, Family-hurting tax:” Ford Speaks on Carbon Tax During Sault Visit


Premier Doug Ford visited Sault Ste. Marie Tuesday to announce upcoming funding in protection of Steel Workers, but steel wasn’t the only topic of discussion at the media conference at Algoma Steel this morning.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiling the details of the carbon tax rebates in Ford’s home city of Toronto this morning, in an effort to sell Canadians on the need to pay for pollution, carbon taxes were on the Premier’s mind.

The federal government has stated that putting a price tag on pollution operates as an incentive for people and businesses to find ways to reduce their emissions. They have said that 90 per cent of the money collected from a carbon price will be returned to Canadians, with the remaining 10 per cent handed out to small and medium-sized businesses and other organizations.

Ford sees this as a detriment to Ontario’s businesses, describing it as a job-killing, family-hurting tax. “It (the carbon tax) does nothing for the environment,” Ford stated, “It is another Trudeau-Liberal tax grab.”

He also described a wave across the country, whereby he states a distaste for the tax has been expressed.


  1. I guess Ford hasn’t read the many reports about carbon taxes actually helping the economy. So he just pulls a Trump and spreads talking points with no basis in fact.

  2. Ah the radical eco-warriors yet again spew hot air, how original , how refreshing bet you all wipe your asses with toilet paper and sit idling your trucks at the drive thu at Timmies.

  3. It is clearly apart of the right-wing ideology to deregulate. The Conservative governments across North America don’t want any controls on their corporate friends. We have seen it with Trump. He put coal fires back on stream, allows industry to dump into lakes and streams. He cleared the way for Florida orange growers to use deadly pesticides in the orange groves. And Ford and our other Conservative governments want to do the same thing here in Canada. They are bad news and the term Ford Trump of the north is not to far fetched.

  4. How bout the fkn pollution tax on the steel plant blowing ash on everybodys homes in west end of town. Smells like sht.. place is a dam eye sore off the bridge. Who knows what were breathing in. Sounds like a good massive lawsuit to me.

  5. Amazes me how many people can’t have a constructive debate without being insulting. “ when you reduce yourself to name calling then you have nothing left in your arsenal” even if they man is dead wrong is it necessary to resort to insulting people ? Of course I’m asking for a friend 😇

  6. Every grey hair that voted for this abhorrent moron has decided that their descendants will not enjoy clean air and a livable environment. Congratulations.

    • Bill Kennedy so basically dont buy anything, dont drive, grow your own food, make your own clothes out of cotton that you grew, dont work for anyone because they are the ones polluting…

    • That’s ridiculous. The scale of pollution has gone well beyond what individuals can ameliorate. Scientists agree that taxing and regulating large polluters works.

    • Peter Rowe Because materialism has also grown. Unless you’re wrongfully assuming companies are producing things for the fun of it? like the ever so intelligent Ryan Boissineau does. NO they’re making all the things gluttonous humans want. I’m sorry but a family of 3 don’t need a 3000 square foot home any more than your ancestors a couple generations back did. You don’t need a new cell phone every 6 months. All those recreational vehicles……and re-furnishing your home for a new look every couple years. That fancy grass you constantly waste energy and materials you maintain to support your ego and social status. Your LIFESTYLE is the exact route of the problem. Change your life, change the world. OR…….reduce the population of the planet, problem solved. You can’t endlessly consume and get better results. Consumption leads to waste and pollution. Selling the pollution to someone else on in another country doesn’t make it go away lol. I should also point out in fairness that YES if you make people poorer…..so they can’t buy as much stuff you do limit pollution. You can skip the part about making the poor suffer more and just get right to the less stuff though. Or reduce the number of people which is the best over all solution. People who don’t exist don’t pollute period.

    • People will believe what they want to believe Peter.

      We live in a world now where some folks doubt the observations and recommendations made by 99 out of 100 scientists because of their ideology’s narrative.

      You can’t reason with them. I’ve tried and it’s futile. You’ll just burn yourself out.

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