Local Women Inspired To Bring Women Together

Inspire Women's Conference
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

In a world where women are oppressed and put down by not only social media, but even each other, where can they go to be uplifted and inspired?

Charity Elliott answered that question for Sault Ste. Marie at Saturday’s first-ever Inspired: By Women, For Women conference. Elliott thought of this event a year ago and decided to make it a reality for women of all backgrounds, faiths and professions to have a place to go to encourage and inspire one another.

“We just need a day sometimes to remind ourselves of how important we are and how special we are,” she said.

Approximately 70 women gathered in the ballroom of the Days Inn and Suite hotel to listen and be inspired by six different speakers during this day-long event.

Topics included:

  • Relationships
  • Inspirational Personal Stories
  • Self-care
  • Entrepreneurship; and
  • Nutrition and Health

Elliott said choosing the speakers was easy because they were people that inspired her, and she wanted other women to have the opportunity to be inspired by them as well.

Cindy Seaton, Elliott’s mother, helped plan the event and was also one of the speakers. Her topic was “Cheerleader or Cherry Picker? – Are you going to encourage the women in your life and use positive words with them, or are you going to be a cherry picker and put yourself first and tear other women down?”

Seaton said she chose this topic because when she was younger she had a lot of negativity spoken to her which caused her to believe she wasn’t enough and she thought other women could benefit from choosing to be cheerleaders in each other’s lives.

“If we actually speak to other women and say things like ‘you’re beautiful, you’re bright, you have lots to offer,’ that can really change a woman’s life and help her become the person the person that she’s meant to be,” she said.

Elliott said she thinks it’s important for women to continue to encourage women and stand by each other.

“We just get so caught up in the day-to-day, and we get so busy. And I know that we’ve reached a point where we are close to equality – women are on the rise, we are going to be equal with men. But there are still times where it doesn’t feel that way,” she explained.

Kristen, an event attendee, heard about the event from a friend. She said she thinks the conference is a great way to encourage women and to get to know new people.

“Different life stories and things that people have gone through – I can really relate to a lot of people (here),” she said.

Elliott said she’d like to see this event become an annual one, and one much larger.

“I think this is something that all women deserve to have – a day like this.”

All proceeds from this event are going to the Algoma Pregnancy Centre.


  1. “In a world where women are oppressed and put down by not only social media, but even each other, where can they go to be uplifted and inspired?”

    A great idea but limited. I get it but it’s a sexist view and one sided

    Men are not impervious to the world of abuses that this world has to offer.
    Strange but true.

    Okay, let the bashing begin.

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