Martial Arts “More Than Meets the Eye”


Over 100 participants and spectators from near and far filled the auditorium at the local Armouries on Saturday at the the 2018 Soo Dan Hapkido Open Martial Arts Championships held by the Soo Dan Hapkido Cornacchio’s Martial Arts Centre.

This competition included participants aged three and up and featured a number of categories, including open handed forms, breaking, self defence, weapons, point sparring, precision kicking, group competition, high cat fall and long cat fall.

Grandmaster Peter Cornacchio said martial arts is important for more than just the obvious reasons, such as learning to punch and kick.

“It gives the youth more of a focus in town,” he said. “It gives them a place to go after school, and they’re not on the street. We give them direction. We teach them ethics at our school – which has pretty much gone to the wayside now. We teach them manners, we teach them to respect other people and their parents and mostly (how to) listen. We teach them how to listen. The self defence and the kicking and punching is second player. We’re trying to mold people for the community.”

Tourism Sault Ste. Marie and Soo Dan Hapkido Cornacchio’s Martial Arts Centre also worked together to secure the Fourth World Martial Arts Championship – Canadian Open for 2019. That tournament, which is taking place July 25 to 28 at the GFL Memorial Gardens, is expected to attract more than 1,000 delegates from countries around the globe, including South Korea, Iran, France, Chile, India, Brazil, Bahrain, Malaysia, the United States and Canada.

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