Missing children cases can have happy endings, says mom who reunited with son


TORONTO — A mother who has reunited with her son 31 years after he was allegedly abducted says she’s living proof that missing children cases can have happy endings.

Lyneth Mann-Lewis spoke at a news conference where she shared details of seeing her son for the first time since he was taken from her in 1987 when he was a toddler.

Police allege Jermaine Mann’s father, Alan Mann Jr., abducted the boy in Toronto and slipped into the United States where he created false identities for them both.

Police say Mann is facing multiple criminal charges in the U.S., but will be extradited to Canada to face one count of abduction.

Investigators say the reunion between mother and son was especially emotional because the now 33-year-old man had grown up believing his mother was dead.

Mann-Lewis, of Brampton, Ont., says it was wonderful to see, touch and cook for her son, adding she hopes to see him very often from now on.


The Canadian Press