MPP Ross Romano Gives Update on Select Committee


Member of Provincial Parliament Ross Romano spoke with ONNtv/SaultOnline shortly after returning from Queen’s Park, where he spent some time working with the Select Committee.

The Select Committee, made up of PC and NDP MPPS for the purpose of delving into the province’s fiscal situation, has been looking into the previous Liberal government’s accounting practices.

Romano sees this as an extremely critical issue for an Ontario. The deficit was originally stated by the Liberal government to be just over 6 billion dollars, but the PC’s have revised the debt to be sitting at 15 billion dollars.




  1. That shot of him above in the article says it all…Mr. Smug. Never mind digging up stuff the auditor general already has…do something for your own city. Forgot your promises already Ross?

  2. Ridiculous, waste of time committee. The auditor general had already criticized the Wynne administration’s accounting (and rightly so.) This is just theatrics, while Romano ignores his constituents and supports Ford in his war against the environment and the working class.

  3. Yup one accounting change did that. Wait until he finds out that it was Harris’s health and education cuts that Liberals had to clean up with more hospitals, schools, nurses. Yup Libersls made mistakes. All parties do

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