Municipal Elections 2018: Live Coverage ONNtv Tonight


The last couple months have been exciting for municipal politics. Saultites have heard from candidates new and old about how they would change, develop and ultimately better our city if elected. Candidates spent a long hot summer campaigning door-to-door, and citizens have almost no excuse not to vote given the beautiful weather we are having on election day and the number of new and accessible means of voting implemented this year.

We saw things heat up between Rory Ring and current Mayor Christian Provenzano, and a plethora of fresh faces join the race. For some of us, it also marked the very first time we would hear, define or use the term plunking.

This is also the first election year with adjusted ward boundaries, shifting our council from 12 to 10 members.

We will see the culmination of all of the ups and downs, the good and the bad, come to a head tonight – and ONNtv will have it LIVE. With live coverage from 8pm until 9:30pm, Lou-Anne Young, Tim Murphy and guests will be breaking down the details, presenting the results as they roll in, and interviewing candidates as they find out their fate. We also have Andy Martens reporting live from City Hall until 10pm, where he will have the opportunity to speak with candidates – the winners and the losers – as they head down.

At 9:30pm, Alex Parr and I (Riley Smith) will wrap up the results, speak with some candidates and break down the platforms of the winning candidates.

The current council term officially ends on November 30th, with the last council meeting taking place on the 5th of the month. The newly elected council will be sworn in at their inaugural meeting on December 3rd, with their term officially beginning on the 1st.

“The meeting on the 3rd is largely ceremonial. The councillors will be sworn in and have a chance to give initial remarks. The mayor will give a speech which will set the tone for what they hope to see in the next four years,” explained Deputy CAO/City Clerk Malcolm White. “New council members will also receive orientation during the latter part of November.”

So exciting Рand so much to look forward to! Tune in here at 8pm for all the action.