Norgoma Breathes Life Into the Undead

Zombie Walk
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Saultites had the opportunity to join the undead on Saturday night thanks to the M.S. Norgoma.

The annual Soo Zombie Walk wouldn’t have been possible this year without the friendly ship.

Lead event organizer Janna Goulay-Pond , who created this event 10 years ago, told SaultOnline that this year’s walk would have been canceled had the Norgoma not reached out. The walk usually takes place at the Bushplane Museum, but the Soo Zombie Walk planning group couldn’t get the funds they needed together in time.

“We’d decided to just cancel the walk this year and we were very, very surprised by the response we got – people were really disappointed,” she said. “We were then approached by the Norgoma, who offered us this venue free of charge, so that was a huge help for us. We were also approached by Sault Stryders and Haunted Norgoma to put together this last-minute, big Halloween event together, to bring all these zombies out and give them something fun to do.”

Activities included live music, food and refreshments, face painting and fun activities including a DIY “slime” booth and a haunted maze through the Norgoma. Maker North was also there, giving 3D printing demos and Svenny McG hosted a video gaming booth.

Admission fees from this year’s event are being split towards next year’s zombie walk and the Norgoma itself.

Goulay-Pond said this event only had 10 people in the beginning and has grown exponentially over the years to over 400.

“A lot of us just love Halloween. It’s fun. Even if you’re grown up, it’s fun to dress up, put on your make-up, and I think there aren’t a lot of opportunities for that,” she said. “And it’s also a fun, family-friendly event. So whether you’re an adult, or if you have a family, you can come out, get dressed up and have a good time.”

For more information on the Soo Zombie Walk, click here.


  1. Brings more life into the waterfront, yet the mayor wants to get rid of it. Strange how self-destructive those in power can be.

  2. Why do you want to dress up looking like hell When the dead in Christ rise up from the grave at the return of Jesus they will rise with a glorified new body to meet Jesus in the air! Hell is real and I really don’t want to go there!

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