Ontario Proposes Changes to Legislation to Keep Students Safer


Ontario’s Government for the People has proposed legislative amendments that, if passed, would help keep our children and students safer and ensure that they are better supported in their learning.

The government has proposed legislative amendments that would, if passed:

Mandate new teachers to successfully complete a math content knowledge test before seeking their teaching registration.

Require the Discipline Committees of the Ontario College of Teachers and College of Early Childhood Educators to revoke an educator’s certificate of registration for any act of sexual abuse of a student or child.

Provide regulation making authority for the Lieutenant Governor in Council to prescribe behaviours of a sexual nature that are prohibited under the Criminal Code (Canada) would result in the mandatory revocation of an educator’s certificate of registration.

“These changes will provide assurance to parents that the government is committed to ensuring Ontario continues to have one of the best education systems in the world,” said Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education. “This legislation will help to make sure students are prepared for the realities of tomorrow and the changing global economy.”

The Province also intends to proclaim existing provisions of legislation into effect that will ensure students and children who have been subjected to alleged sexual abuse by a member of the Ontario College of Teachers or College of Early Childhood Educators have access to funding for the counselling and therapy supports they need

“By making these changes, we are sending out a clear message: the government has zero tolerance for sexual abuse of Ontario students and children. We are taking action now to make sure our schools and early years and child care settings are safe learning environments,” added Thompson.

The largest education consultation in Ontario’s history is now open. Parents, students and educators can have their say on a number of topics including improving performance in  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), better preparing students with needed job and life skills, making changes to mathematics and health and physical education curriculums, and technology use in the classroom.

Parents can also weigh in on what elements are important to include in a Ministry of Education Parents’ Bill of Rights.

For more detail and information, visit fortheparents.ca.


  1. What does a math test have to do with keeping students safe?!? Exactly HOW is the legislation going to “prepare students for the realities of tmo and the changing global economy.” It’s quite obvious this comes from the PC gov’t…..those statements make NO sense at all!! For the People my Ass!!

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