Parting Thoughts From Hutchinson


Ward 3 Candidate Winona Hutchinson sent the following press release to Saultonline, regarding her run for city council.

Thank you to Ward 3 and the City of Sault Ste Marie for allowing me this opportunity.  I have made many new friends and have heard from many people on what they want to see happen. These are some questions that I have received and I want to post my thoughts,

Would I change anything?

No, I can only be me and that is all anyone could ever ask of me.  I did the best I could since my campaign door team consisted of just me and a huge amount of real estate to cover.  I had wonderful support from all my kids, my husband and friends new and old so why would I ever change that?

Do you feel the Ward Voted Wrong?

I could never say to someone they voted wrong if what they voted was a true belief that who they voted for spoke to what they wanted.  One thing I would like to see disappear is this increasing young vs. old comparison.  I believe we need to celebrate the initiative and ideas of the young but we also need to temper that with the experience of the past.  After all, it is because of our past that we have what we have today.

Character is what our votes should be based on nothing more.

Was it a Millennial issue?

No, I think the voter turn out was poor across the city which is more worrisome for me than who voted for me and who did not.  The municipal election is the one election that voters have the most control over the outcome yet we still have below average attendance.  I can only wonder what the outcome would have been if all 55000 of eligible voters had voted, would it be the same result?

What will you do now?

I haven’t decided as of yet.  Politics was never on my radar in the first place but here I am and I won’t say it was a failure.  I sit on a few very important boards and committees and my passion for change is still there.  I will keep helping people as I have always done quietly without the fanfare of committee titles and media.  Most importantly I will always advocate for the right thing not the easy thing. People may not like what I  say but it is factual and true.

I do have a few parting wishes to the current council.

–      Please stop with the committee meetings and get things done.  It does not take four years for action.

–      Get that sense of urgency in the tasking and resolutions. Bring a sense of responsibility to your role and give yourselves timelines.  We deserve to know how you see our concerns as a priority and leaving it to sit on an outstanding resolution list is not giving us priority.

–      Our opioid issue  cannot wait anymore, we are already 8 years too late and the front line workers have a very important role in the solutions, talk to them.

I will be watching… Blessings to all


  1. Winona, I got to meet you during this election campaign. I believe it’s a voice like your that this council needs. Your energy, your vivacious personality, your passion to make a positive difference was very evident to me and to all the people I talked to who met you at their doors. I would ask that you stay tuned during this next term, and seriously think about running again in 2022. All the best to you and your family. Ciao for now.

  2. Great points. I hope your wishes for council are read and taken to heart. Thank you for being a caring individual who gave of her time for the betterment of our community. I wish you well , wherever life takes you.

  3. Excellent campaign Winona. You got one of my two votes.

    You should be extremely proud of yourself. You represented yourself, your family, and our community very very well. As a first time candidate with a name that almost nobody knew you got over 1,000 votes (!!!) running against a pool of candidates whose names were ALL very well known… Shoemaker, Hillsinger, Bruno, Huuponen… And, if character was the measure by which candidates were elected you, Winona, would have WON, but only by a few votes because ALL of the candidates in this year’s Ward 3 election were people of tremendous character. Thank you for running Mrs. Hutchinson. We would have been lucky to have you as our Ward 3 Councillor.


  4. Yep, parting shots. She says it isn’t a young vs. old, yet blames today’s situation on past decisions, … sounds like young vs. old to me. The Millennial vote was an issue. They are too busy feeling entitled to get off their butt and vote.

  5. Poor voter turnout/voter apathy is a direct result of poor candidate performance/choices. That being said, if you don’t vote, you should not get to voice a concern…you had your chance to effect change and you stayed away in droves…

    • Timmins is up to date when it comes to voting.From what I understand…. Voters were allowed to vote from their computers. What a difference that might have made here in this city.

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