Pearce Wants to Bring Lego Store to the Sault


Ward One Council candidate Derek Pearce said he wants to bring jobs and new retail experiences to Sault Ste. Marie.

In a release, Pearce stated that he’s begun this process and is currently in the works with the Lego Group to bring an official Lego retail store to the north.

A Lego Store, sometimes known as a Lego Imagination Center, is a shop maintained by The Lego Group, whose principle is to sell only Lego products, like the Apple Store or Disney Store. The closest Lego retail store is located in Detroit, across a border and 4 hours away. There are also several in the Toronto area.

These kinds of specialty retail locations are unique and are something that the north hasn’t experienced. Pearce said he thinks this is a good thing for families with young children.

“This is how we’re going to reinvent our downtown, by bringing in unique stores and not the everyday norms you typically see,” Pearce told SaultOnline.

There are already numerous Lego programs for kids located here in the Sault, such as Bricks 4 Kidz and Lego-themed programming at the public library. Pearce said he feels having a Lego store nearby will fuel the interest in the brick and hopefully increase interest/numbers in those groups.

Lego has an internal process to decide where they open and operate stores, but Pearce is “confident they will see the potential our city has to draw crowds from the states and from Sudbury. I look forward to working with them throughout the process.”

He said he’s reached out to Lego, who told him they require an interest from the community before they decide whether to locate here or not.

The next step will be to work with the two largest Lego groups in town to show Lego the interest is here. From there on Lego’s internal process takes over. Pearce said it’s very likely a petition will be created.

“I’m very confident, given we are a border town and quite a distance from other stores,” he said. “We should have a very good chance at getting one.”

Pearce said he also hopes to use the experience from this process to use on other specialty retail operators.


  1. As much as I would love a Lego store, or a Toys R’ Us, or Ikea/Costco, the Sault is a Deathbed for those type of stores. We do not have the population base of Middle class earners to support it. We cant even support a decent comic book store and can barely support the Board Game store we have. To make matters worse, (and I am one who does it too) is I can get anything I want shipped to Weirs across the river in just a couple day with Amazon Prime. How about another shoe store though, or another clothing shop, those are like a dime a dozen downtown. Look at the old Sears location. In any other city of decent size, that location would have already been filled/converted for a new store or stores.
    Hell, I just told my son about this and his first words were, “It’s going to die”.

  2. There is no revenue and having a store open specifically for Legos. It would have to be a store like a long time ago we had Leisure World or something like that that has all specialty toys and games. One that carries Legos Thomas the Train all of that kind of good educational toys and then every kind of board game and games that you can think of

  3. Great idea to increase jobs here, however this city doesn’t have enough money to stablize such a franchise as most people here are low income earners (even with minimum wage being $14/hr). Sadly, I can see Sudbury getting the go ahead to get this franchise because it’s a Government city with more money. Either way, I hope the North gets more unique shops in the future.

  4. We need a store for competion with walmart. It is pretty bad when we have to go out of our own city to shop cause walmart just does not do it.

  5. I would happily welcome a store that offered amenities not currently available.

    There is a company called bricks for kids in Sault Ste. Marie which has done very well and is very popular. There are also LEGO programs at the library.

    Just because it’s not a service that you will benefit from does not mean others will not and that it’s not a viable option to consider.

    I would much rather pay higher taxes to welcome new businesses than pay higher taxes to finance the redecoration efforts at city hall.

    • Won’t happen. Costo and IKEA for example look at population sustainability and the Sault will never have enough people to support such an operation. Sam’s Club, another identity of Wallymart might be a consideration for competition but most likely would not choose the Sault. A one industry town with a shaky steel future would not be a magnet. Tourism is insignificant also to be a consideration. The Sault is looking more and more like urban blight with the old General hospital site. How about that splashy pad?

  6. This has been attempted. This guys running, zero political experience and then you have Sandra who erases comments on her feed asking her valid questions. Let’s not screw up Ward 1 folks

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