Planting Flags for Learning Disabilities Awareness Month


On Tuesday, 1,100 flags were planted on the grounds of Sault College by the Learning Disabilities Association of Sault Ste. Marie.

The significance? Representing the 1,100 students who have been identified with a learning disability in our community, to honour October’s Learning Disability Awareness Month.

This only includes students who have identified as having a learning disability, and doesn’t include those who haven’t identified or those who may not even know they have one.

The Association, dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth with learning disabilities, believes that bringing more awareness to the supports available for these students can increase success rates. Additionally, awareness helps these students to self-advocate while also reducing the stigma surrounding learning disabilities.

“Navigating the education system can be intimidating, we are here to help with that” explained Mary-Liz Warick, Executive Director of the Sault branch of LDAO.

With donated office space from Sault College, LDAO offers programming and advocacy skill-building assistance on campus.

The organization will also be raising the flag at City Hall today to recognize October as Learning Disabilities Awareness Month.

For more information on LDAO, click here.