Police Advise of Possible Traffic Disruption at Catch the Ace


The Sault Ste. Marie Police are advising the public of the possibility of traffic disruptions near Second Line West, West of Peoples Rd. on Thursday.

For the past several weeks, there have been large amounts of people lining up along Second Line as they wait for their chance to buy tickets for Catch the Ace, held at the Esquire Club.  The police say they anticipate that tomorrow will be no exception.

Police say a dedicated team of officers will be in the area tomorrow to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and to assist with the safe flow of traffic. They remind event-goers that they should not block traffic or private driveways as they line up.

Police also say it’s important to ensure that all vehicles are lawfully parked in the area and that they are parked on property that they have consent to park on. Vehicles that are illegally parked may be ticketed and/or towed from the area at the owners expense.


  1. Cant anyone just say something positive.. like have fun and be safe! Trolls sure try to ruin everything… great event and great for our community and charities !! Thanks Esquire

  2. I absolutely concur that it is ridiculous indeed.

    There is no excuse for this .

    It is not lawful order nor civility in another word.

    Definitely not in the true sense of law and order.

    I have absolutely no reasonable doubt whatsoever in my mind no matter disagreement and regardless by who or how many. That does not change the actual truth of this unresolved issue.

    My communication is for no wrong motive or purpose without neither any doubts about that in my mind.

  3. Why is it acceptable to set up tents & “camp out” on the city sidewalks? Is it legal? If so, can people set up a tent anywhere in the city & camp out? Anybody have an answer?

  4. Dont block driveways… but what about the tents blocking the sidewalks for 2 or 3 days prior ?

    I think that area residents should be allowed to safely walk the sidewalk and not have to go on to the road.
    If the city made the young boy get a permit to sell water and raise money in line, why can’t the city enforce no “parking” on the sidewalk as well.

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