Police Chief Hugh Stevenson Talks Pot


Sault Ste Marie Police Chief Hugh Stevenson stopped by the ONNTV studios today to talk to Lou Anne Young about legal marijuana  and how the police departments are dealing with the new law.


  1. With all due respect and credit in the real sense, I have been living and working in this area for a long time in a seriously involved manner.

    Decades ago I started learning a lot about what was really going on not at all choosing to dodge reality. I did need to leave the City in my late twenties for reasons that I have no intentions of ever letting go of unless I see what is needed within the area.

    I take serious exception to much that gets publicity in a manner that is just not right.

    As a wise genuinely good political activist and analyst my assertions have never been nor are they or will they ever be for wrong motives or purpose.

    I have no doubt in my own mind that my communication is based on truth.

  2. I have attempted to publish needed input within a very considerate manner as usual that did not show up on screen. There is no good reason however the post “Testing Mechanics” is public not that I do not realize the choice yet it sure is not rights nor fair at all. None of my actions are motivated by revenge at all. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind nor within any other harmful motivation.

    • Faulty sentence structure and grammar are simply innocent oversights under the pressure of time.

      Period after ” choice ‘ in the third line without the _ yet _ . Then ” It sure is not right nor fair at all ” .

  3. So he is saying that none of his officers smoke pot/really? I think he needs to be aware of reality/…….. (who is testing the ones testing you)…..with equipment that has been proven to be inaccurate omg

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