Provenzano Addresses “Steel Town Down” Allegations


ONN TV’s Lou-Anne Young spoke to Mayor Christian Provenzano on ‘Top Story’  and asked him about everything from the ‘Steel Town Down’ documentary to the latest healthcare services offered here in the Sault to how we, as a city, need to acknowledge our indigenous history and heritage.


  1. Good explanation by the Mayor about the opioid and drug crises going on in our community. I appreciate that he is focusing on the good work that is already going in our community to help those affected by these crises, and his acknowledgement that everyone in our community needs to do so much more to help those affected.

    Disappointing, however, was the Mayor’s response to Lou-Anne’s transparency question.

    The Mayor only talked about City Council meetings being open to the public, and he clearly avoided talking about the Agenda setting Committee meeting being closed to the public.

    The Agenda setting meeting is a closed-door meeting, where the Mayor and two city staffers decide who will be given permission to speak to City Council at the next City Council meeting. Closed door Mayoral veto power on who gets to speak at a city council meeting.

    All Mayors are politicians, and no politician wants anybody speaking in an open City Council meeting about things that don’t fit well with a Mayor’s plans, or saying things that don’t make the Mayor and/or Council look good.

    Denying Delegations the opportunity to speak is just too much power to give a Mayor to exercise from behind closed doors.

    Denying Delegations, should only be done with everybody watching.

    Therefore, opening the doors on the Agenda setting committee, AND/OR having ALL Delegations listed on the City Council Agenda so that a Mayor or Councillor can say they don’t want a Delegation (while everybody is watching) is the only way to proceed for any Mayor or Councillor who truly values transparency.

    Mayor Provenzano avoiding talking about real transparency issues at city hall when he was asked point blank about transparency by Lou-Anne Young is very disappointing for me to see and hear.

    Mark Brown

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