Rings Wants Mayor to Come Clean on Severance Costs to Taxpayers


In an effort to ensure accountability and transparency for taxpayer resources a Freedom of information (FOI) request has been recently filed with the Clerk’s Office at the Civic Centre. At issue is significant expense incurred to remove the Police Chief, Fire Chief and numerous senior management employees from the Corporation.

The request also includes the costs related to the hiring and dismissal of a fire prevention officer who was employed for only two weeks but was paid thousands in severance. Doug Millroy highlighted this boondoggle in a Sault Star editorial.

“Despite the Mayor committing to control municipal spending during the last election its clear that is not happening and residents deserve to know how their money is being spent,” said Ring. “Spending has increased by nearly $12 million over the last four years and with other costs being unnecessarily added, such as $1 million more for garbage collection, $7 million to improve the Civic Centre and $15 million for a P.U.C energy scheme, we clearly need more transparency.”

The information requested is required to be provided within 30 days of filing, which at the time of filiing would be prior to the municipal election date.

The FOI was provided to the City and contained the following requested details:

‘The Requester requires the total amount paid or agreed to be paid, or paid or required to be paid pursuant to any lawful order, to former employees of the Coporaton of the City of Sault Ste. Marie, as a consequence of the termination of their employment, or the cessation of their employment, whether or not the termination of employment or cessation of employment was voluntary or involuntary.

The amount requested is a total sum paid for all such employees and not an amount related to any specific individual or party. The amount requested is to include, termination pay, severance pay, salary continutation pay, payment of benefits, pension contributions, any amounts paid directly or indirectly as a consequence of the termination of employment and damages of any kind and for any reason.

The period covered by this request is from October 31, 2014 to September 17, 2018. For increased clarity, this request includes former employees of the Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie, including former employees of the Fire Services and Police Services and it includes both form employees whether or not they were management or non management employees.’


  1. Give him a chance…it sounds like he is interested in saving tax dollars for people of sault ste marie…obviously provenzano has a different agenda!!

  2. “Rings Wants Mayor to Come Clean on Severance Costs to Taxpayers”

    “Rings” ??

    Is there more than one now?!

    • The platform is there but there is no plan. Your platform can generously be described as “Here’s what I’ll tell you that I’ll do so you’ll vote for me” but there is absolutely no plan to go with it. How can the City afford a tax freeze, improved service delivery and your “quality of life” improvements? No budgeting process will find you tens of millions of dollars over four years to fund this. What red tape needs to be cut to support business and how will that help? This works for powerpoint slides but not a presentation.

      Even your platform proper lacks details. You say “four-year tax freeze” followed by “residential property taxes frozen” and topped with “small business tax reform.” So are all property classes frozen or just the residential with everyone else eligible for change? What do you call a “small business” property class because it doesn’t exist right now? Which communities are you targeting for benchmarks and best practices? What services do seniors deserve that they don’t get now?

      You can say “look at the website” all you want but it has less substance than your press releases and that’s a pretty low bar.

  3. I would rather know more about how you plan to accomplish your goals Rory…as opposed to this steady bashing of the Mayor.

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