Rocky Ridge Hallowe’en Haunt – A St. Joseph Island original this Friday and Saturday evening.


The Rocky Ridge Hallowe’en Haunt, a St. Joseph Island original has become a much-anticipated October event inspired by Barry and Beverly Lyons. Located on Hilton Road, this amazing collection of Hallowe’en displays and interactive haunts is proving to be an annual fundraising event that draws hundreds of eager Hallowe’en enthusiasts into its midst.

“We started out as a private party for friends.” shared Beverly Lyons, Rocky Ridge Hallowe’en Haunt organizer.  “With a little convincing, we opened to the public by donation. We decided that Matthews Memorial Hospital would be the benefactor of all donations.”

Rocky Ridge has the space to hold the event in the horse barn and expansive yard. There are plenty of innovations to discover, including animatronics, secret tunnels and pathways.

“Barry & I start assembling the haunt at least a month in advance in the barn. The outdoor portion is left till the last week but some years are a little more difficult than others. Each year we try to change things up a bit so that we can keep the scares fresh.” she said.

The event runs for the last two weekends of October. Folks of all ages come from near and far to take part in the annual event. This Friday and Saturday (Oct. 26th, 27th) will be the last two evenings to take in the ‘spooktacularness’ of Ricky Ridge Hallowe’en Haunt. It all starts unfolding at 7:00 pm and runs until 9:00 pm.

“We try to make things fun for the whole family. So far that seems to be the case. Our ‘actors’ are volunteers that enjoy the chance to participate in the fundraising event as well as the satisfaction of the scare”

The list of volunteers is extensive. In 2017, the following individuals came together to help raise over $1,000 for Matthews Memorial Hospital.  Brenda Aelick, Emma Aelick-Junor, Ed Arthurs, Dan Bissone, Suzie Burton, Patricia Cembal, Lavera Crack, Pat Davey, Jackie Farragia, Karen Garside, Cassy Lynn Greer, Gene Jones, Belinda Junor, Julie Moore, Wilson Moore, Marc Mousseau, Samara Mousseau, Jessica and Mike Nadjiwon, Donna Schell, and Bill White.

Visit the Rocky Ridge Hallowe’en Haunt on facebook for more pictures. The photos used in the story are all taken from the events’ facebook page – and there are plenty more to tease your inner spooky self.


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