Sault College and Garden River First Nations Plant Seeds for the Future


As part of a tree planting project with Garden River First Nation, first and second year Sault College Forestry students planted seeds for the future in an effort to improve sustainability of our forests and communities. Under the guidance of Professors Laurie Thompson and Bob Knudsen, students participated in various aspects of the project culminating with tree planting earlier this month at the Ceremonial Grounds and a harvested site in Garden River First Nation.

The students saw this project through from growing the tree seedlings in Sault College’s greenhouse to physically planting them at the sites.  A total of approximately 2,000 seedlings were planted with a mix of native tree species specifically selected to match soil conditions on each site.

Partnering on a project, such as this, has many far-reaching benefits for all involved, including: increase wildlife habitat, reduction in soil erosion, aesthetics, recreation, and timber production in Garden River.

For our students, they have a unique opportunity to experience the tree growing process from start to finish and well beyond. “Through this work our students were able to take knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it in the field,” said Laurie Thompson. “These practical field experiences complement the learning within our program and help our students gain a strong foundation and knowledge base in the forestry field, which will be extremely valuable for future employment.”


Sault College is proud to partner with Garden River First Nation and jointly support and promote the sustainability of our forest for future generations.