Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Election 2018. The Results


Democracy doesn’t get much more grassroots than municipal elections. We had quite a full slate of candidates running in the newly designed city ward framework. Sault Ste Marie voters turned out to the advance polls in record numbers and all totalled, 22,133 people cast a vote according to the City of Sault Ste Marie’s website election coverage.

Each ward had at least 4 candidates running, with Ward 2 having the most at 7. There were very close races in all 5 wards.

At the end of the day, Sault citizens have voted in a Municipal Council that looks to be balanced between incumbents and fresh faces.

Christian Provenzano will serve a second term as Mayor Provenzano. He has stated that this will be his final term as mayor for Sault Ste Marie.

Municipal Council will look like this going forward 2018 – 2022,

Ward 1: Paul Christian (3,324) and Sandra Hollingsworth (2,808)

Ward 2: Luke Dufour (2,402) and Lisa Vezeau-Allen (1,451)

Ward 3: Matthew Shoemaker (2,823) and Donna Hilsinger (1,944)

Ward 4: Rick Niro (2,013) and Marchy Bruni (1,969)

Ward 5: Matthew Scott (1,464) and Corey Gardi (1,424)

Thank you to all of our ONNtv viewers who tuned in to our live coverage – We had record numbers watching along with Tim Murphy, Lou-Anne Young and our guest in-studio pundit, Brady Irwin, as well as Andy Martens down at City Hall.

Thank you to the candidates who showed up and offered your insights into a vision for the city that you believe your strengths would help to forge. Without candidates stepping up – debating issues – developing initiatives –  we are nowhere close to a democracy.

The next municipal election will be held on the fourth Monday of October 2022.


  1. The Soo never changes. Always the good old boys club. The same old, same old and nothing ever changes. I guess this city likes being stuck in the stone age with their head buried in the sand! The results of this election are very disappointing!

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