Saultite Entered the ‘Dragon’s Den’ with his STUFFF


Local entrepreneur Bill Betournay came up with STUFFF Lubricants Inc. on accident four years ago – and it became a business endeavour that he would devote his life to.

STUFFF, which is an industrial strength penetrating oil and Gun & Tool STUFFF, which is an industrial strength biodegradable lubricant.

The non-toxic and environmentally-friendly industrial lubricants can be used in the shop, for firearm maintenance, on asphalt, with cutting tools, for dust control and on ice.

Betournay, Owner of STUFFF and business partner Jeff Greco, entered the Dragon’s Den this past April to see if the Canadian business moguls were interested in investing in the product.

He couldn’t tell SaultOnline/ONNtv how they fared, but he could tell us how he came to the product, the ups and downs of creating a product, and when and where you can tune in to STUFFF’s episode of Dragon’s Den – October 25th at 8pm on CBC Television.


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