Serious Collision Closes Great Northern Road Overnight


A transport truck that lost control on Great Northern Road overnight closed the road for the night. The transport hit a utility pole , knocking off power to the area.

Police say they were opening the road at 7:30am

According to Sault Police Services, the collision occurred at 2:35am involving one transport truck. The driver of the truck was transported to Sault Area Hospital with life threatening injuries.  ONNtv and Sault will have more information later.



  1. Though we have not been friends long…I met Darren a little over a year ago (he bought his horse trailer from me)…as a fellow truck driver we have had a load of fun sharing jokes via Facebook ….such a wonderful man! Prayers sent my friend…get well soon!

  2. Cody is very upset at this news. Know that the Drysdales are praying for Darren and all of you guys.

  3. Prayers for Darren and his family and friends. Speedy recovery Darren.
    It’s sad when people have to be so negative,, no one knows what has happened behind the curtain.
    So please be nice,, our world has learn’t to be negative before caring.
    So please think positive before you give negative thoughts.

  4. Some ppl have nothing good to say!!! This is our brother and he suffered a heart attack at the wheel. He has vast years of experience as a driver. Use your breath to say a prayer instead of negative BS bc he is fighting for his life right now!!!

  5. He’s like a father to me… Been driving for years had a heart attack…. Air lifted to Toronto and on life support now…. His wife is ok.. maybe say a prayer instead of bitching. He was one of the good ones

  6. Just so everyone knows he isn’t a new Canadian and has been driving for ever very experienced in his job with millions of miles under his belt he suffered a heart attack at the wheel and that can happen to anyone thank God he was where he was and got the attention he needed right away

  7. Him and his wife are very good friends of mine and they have over 1 million miles accident free. He had a heart attack! This accident had nothing to do with inexperience or training!

  8. That is my friends husband. He had a heart attack. And his wife ( my friend) was with him when the accident happened. They are super tag team drivers. have been driving for years. Awesome people. So very sad. I really hope he pulls through. Im glad that she is ok.

  9. You know, a lot of people assume they know what happened… you are such assholes, I cannot believe how pathetic people in this city have become. I hope the driver recovers.

  10. He had a heart attack. likely looks like tried to pull over at that. I work here at the hospital, I drove past this at 4am to start my shift. Word has it; there happened to be a couple of heroes dressed in scrubs having a cigarette outside the front of the building when this happened. Don’t be so quick to judge, this man is so so lucky to be alive and only proves once again not all heroes wear capes. Count your blessings everyone, anything can happen.

  11. Happening all over with so many truck drivers with inadequate training .there’s such a demand for drivers they’re sent out with minimum training .there needs to be a standard across the country for licenses .to many people getting hurt by Cowboys

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