Shoemaker Commits to Champion Quality of Life Improvements if Re-elected

Matthew Shoemaker

Today, Ward Three city council candidate Matthew Shoemaker committed to champion a number of quality of life improvements in the downtown and throughout the City if re-elected on October 22nd.

First, Shoemaker is committing to see a hop-on-hop-off Downtown Trolley implemented to boost tourism during our busiest months. The Trolley, essentially a City bus that looks like a street-car, has been discussed as a downtown tourism initiative for many years. In 2003 the City studied the issue of a Downtown Trolley and produced an 80 page report on the benefits of such a service.

“The City is often criticized for getting reports and then letting them collect dust on the shelves at City Hall,” said Shoemaker. “This is an example of that, and it’s time we dusted this report off and took another look at it,” added Shoemaker. “The goal is to help tourists see all the sights in our beautiful and historic City, and if providing a low-cost Downtown Trolley means tourists are spending more time, and more money, in our City, then it’ll more than pay itself off,” concluded Shoemaker.


Secondly, Shoemaker is committing to continue to support the revitalization of the old west end. “We have seen two James Street markets over the last number of months, and they have been a hit with residents,” said Shoemaker. “A James Street revitalization plan has been requested, and I will continue to work to bring some of the area’s former glory back,” he added. “In addition to the revitalization of the area, we have asked staff to look at connecting James Street to the John Rowswell Hub Trail, to provide easy access to this historic area,” noted Shoemaker.

Finally, Shoemaker is committing to support funding for a skating trail at Clergue Park. “Ozzie Grandinetti and I brought forward the initial idea of a skating trail for Sault Ste. Marie. I’m glad to see the park and recreation committee has recommended a downtown location for its development,” said Shoemaker.  I am committing to support finding the $35,000 it will take to develop this trail to improve an already fantastic downtown park.



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  3. I’m not too sure about the James St. revitalization, but there may be some merit to the shuttle service downtown. Next year, there will be 20 cruise ships coming through and stopping in our City. These ships spend an average of 10 hours docked on our waterfront. That’s a lot of visitors looking for something to do and with that, potentially spending a lot of tourist dollars in our Community. A shuttle service would be a great asset to making their stay a much more enjoyable experience.
    As for the downtown, we need to find creative ways to incentify investment in the downtown core. An example of this should include tax breaks for investing and improving store fronts, taking poorly managed buildings and deferring tax increases on the improvements for a period of time (ie. 1,2, or 3 years). This will only enhance the downtown with more variety of businesses, boost confidence and attract more traffic throughout the year.

  4. He’s just another smiling lawyer. Tourism with a trolley. Maybe he can take all the tourists and show them where the Norgoma was docked. The west end will never be what it could have been. The music man and his parade cometh.

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