Snow Squalls Could Hit The Sault Later This Week


An intense autumn storm will throw several punches our way right into the weekend with a threat of the first snow of the season developing Friday.

A deep low pressure system that will tap into energy of what will be left of Hurricane Michael Thursday will drop a lot of rain and windy conditions starting tonight but as the low leaves the area late Thursday, the back end of the system will open up the flow of colder air rushing over Lake Superior.Β  At present, 1 to 2cm of snow from snow squalls could develop into Friday as temperatures dip to the freezing mark.

Another shot of snow is expected for early next week with some forecasters calling it “big snow” Most of the snow will stay west of here. Thunder Bay could see substantial amounts come Friday as well as parts ofΒ  extreme Northern Ontario.

Currently Sault Ste. Marie and St. Joseph Island remain in a heavy rain warning that will last thru Thursday. Temperatures today are expected to reach a high of 16 but come Thursday the temperatures begin to drop in the afternoon as colder air begins to reach the area. Along with the heavy rain, strong winds are also expected to materialize late Wednesday into Thursday.



  1. It’s been snowing occasionally in Edmonton since the last day of winter. It’s too early but someone’s gotta get it lol. Keep it up there and out of Southern Ontario!
    Sorry not sorry.

  2. I literally started expecting snow near the end of August surprised it has not already happened not that I look forward to it. Mainly though considering how awful what is going on from within the Public Works and administrative management elected or otherwise. Inefficient and inadequate snow removal are generational issues throughout the history of this area. Naturally I mean during the relevant time of year to my understanding unless I get given legitimate reason to change my mind. What may come is likely not going to show those problems because of amount and expected melting in case snow fall from the sky soon. My communication is not at all for any wrong motive or purpose without any doubt whatsoever in my mind. It is around noon Wednesday _ 2018-10-10 _ .

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