Strive & Golden Child Kitchen Team up for ‘DeVoted to the Soo’


The Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce’s, Strive: Young Professionals Group (Strive YPG) in partnership with Golden Child Kitchen (GCK), are hosting a Political Information Night & Debate on Tuesday October 16th, at 5:30pm at The Grand Theatre (641 Queen St E.)

Here is your chance to have some time to chat face to face with your potential Ward Councillors. Use this time to ask those tough questions: how they are going to benefit you as a business owner downtown; as a young professional in Sault Ste. Marie; as a new family just starting out in this community? Whatever the question, here is your chance to ask!

Chair of Strive YPG, Ashlee Gerard feels that, “Our community, especially our young professionals, need to make their voices heard and come out to vote. Last Municipal election saw less than 25,000 people vote- that was only 40.9% of the Sault’s population eligible to vote at the time. We have an opportunity to create change that will impact the future of our community. So to help encourage those to get informed, Strive & GCK has worked hard to creating this event to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for attendees to engage with the candidates.”

To add, Vice-Chair of Strive, Greg Lefave insights that, “This is our first big chance as young professionals to incite change in our city.  I’m excited about the youth movement in the election and I hope to see voter turnout at a record rate.”

Following the Ward mix and mingle, our mayoral candidates will face off in a debate at 7:00pm sharp moderated by the Sault Star’s Elaine Della-Mattia!

Finally to close out the evening, given this event is co-hosted by two downtown organizations who are located in Ward 2, and the event itself is taking place in Ward 2, the Ward 2 Candidates will have the stage for a second debate!

Owner of GCK, Angela Caputo states:  “As a person who lives in and owns two businesses within Ward 2, I recognize the importance the next four years will bring. I want the best candidates representing all of us at City Council. Ward 2 is especially interesting because if we thrive in our downtown core, our entire city thrives. I really want to call everyone to action. I am asking that you get involved, ask questions, be educated and demand the best from your City Councillors and Mayor. DeVOTEd to The Soo is an event designed to give answers to the pressing questions in this election, and to bring our citizens together to encourage voter turnout. The livelihood of Sault Ste. Marie depends on us. Some say it takes a village, but I say it takes the entire city of Sault Ste. Marie to effect change. I encourage everyone to attend and to be informed.”

Please take this opportunity to get involved, get informed, and make sure you have all the information you need going into this municipal election! Show how you are deVOTEd to Sault Ste. Marie!

Tickets for the event are free of charge, but space is limited.

Please go to Strive YPG’s Facebook page for more information and to get your tickets, or click here to reserve your ticket to the event.

Go to and enter event code “4590” to post your own questions you wish to see addressed at this upcoming political event, or LIKE other’s questions to ensure they get asked!