Temple Medicinal Dispensary will close – for now.


It would appear that Temple Medicinal Dispensary is a casualty of marijuana legalization.

In a facebook post Monday, Oct. 15th, 2018, the Sault’s first and only medicinal marijuana dispensary sent out the following message to its registered patients.

“It’s with a heavy heart, and deepest sympathies, that we here at Temple Medicinal are announcing that we will no longer be able to serve Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma district with high quality Cannabis and Cannabis products as of Oct 17,2018.

The federal government has made the fines and consequences too high. Legalization is here and we need to work within the legal framework to ensure our future success. We have come up with a temporary solution until we can move to the legal format. We will be looking into working with an LP and waiting for the legal framework for dispensaries so we can apply and reopen as a legal entity again. We will still be at our location signing people up to become legal medical cannabis patients until we figure out our retail strategies.”

The post concluded by thanking those registered with Temple Medicinal for their patronage and support.

Saultonline will continue to follow the rapidly changing landscape as marijuana legalization takes hold in exactly one day.


  1. everyone knew this was coming…did anyone expect different? getting an LP for an individual is as easy as asking a doc for one, if you can’t get to a doc, buds2go is currently signing everyone up for free, i think the doc consultation is done online… they are a BC based company that i have been buying from for more than a year. I am legal to buy from any LP but they have the best prices and awesome sales

  2. The government shouldn’t shut them down at all . They should be getting these companies the information/paper work to get this process approved so it could have been kept open, unless the application failed then send notice to reapply or shut down or etc.

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