To Plunk or Not to Plunk? That is the Question This Election Season

During every election, the topic of plunking – or bullet voting – comes up, and this election is no different.
So, what exactly is plunking?
Plunking, or bullet voting, is described as “a tactic in which the voter selects only one candidate, despite the option to include a preference for another candidates.”
An example of this voting tactic is if you are only interested in one candidate, you are giving that person a vote, but in doing so, you’re depriving the others of a vote – therefore your candidate actually jumps up by two votes.
You have the right to vote for two candidates in the Municipal election, and Ward Two candidate Sam Cistaro wants Saultities to know not to let anyone else tell you otherwise.
“Please tell all of your family and friends this. Don’t let there be any confusion – you are allowed two votes per ward,” Cistaro said in a press release.
Cistaro told SaultOnline he wanted to reach out and let people know they can vote for two candidates after “repeatedly hearing constituents in Ward Two saying they believed they could only vote for one candidate.”
“I don’t know where this misinformation came from, but I felt it was my responsibility to ensure that voters know that they can vote for two candidates, not just one,” he explained.
So, how does plunking effect an election?
SaultOnline spoke with City Clerk Malcolm White, who explained that, although he is aware of candidates concerns regarding plunking, the city doesn’t actually analyze ballots or do any follow-up to see just how people are voting.
Another item that Cistaro strongly pushes forward is that Sault Ste. Marie moves to e-voting.
“We are one of the only municipalities left that you still have to physically go to the polls on election day. We can increase voter turnout from 40% to much higher with the ease of voting,” he said.
Cistaro urges people to get out to the polls on October 22 and vote.
“Bring a friend. Pick up someone who may otherwise found it difficult to make it. Make your voice heard. I will listen.”
Voting starts at 10 a.m. and the polls close at 8 p.m.
For more information on voting, click here.


  1. Remember when the present council cut bussing and daycare. Also remember the huge fiasco with cutting 25% of Fire Services. I can easily remove 13 candidates from my choices.

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