(update) Mayor’s Debate to air Wednesday at 7:00 pm.


ONNtv has experienced technical difficulties with the stream for the live Mayor’s Debate at Superior Heights. We will air the Mayor’s debate in its entirety at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, October 3rd. We apologize to Sault citizens and to the Mayoral candidates for this unfortunate turn of events.


ONNtv and The Association of Sault Ratepayers are proud to bring you live coverage of the Mayoral debate sponsored by http://Wirelesscom.ca

The debate, live from Superior Heights will begin at 7pm . To watch the broadcast, go to ONNtv


  1. We do apologize for the unforeseen technical problems last evening. We thought the stream was good during a test in the afternoon then our production computer crashed and then the problems began – just before show time. We did record the entire debate and it will run at 7pm tonight. Again, sorry for the problem. I promise the next series of debates will run problem free.

  2. Hmm. Good thing I went in person.
    Suggestion for the organizers, though: Two or three questions on the same topic is plenty; in my opinion there’s not much added by the time the fourth question on the same topic is answered.

    • Agreed as this was also a concern of the organizers….but under some topic headings there were more than one question submitted…Our objective was to move forward the questions from ratepayers. Thank you for coming out last night….myself personally being there is far more informative.
      If you would like to get involved with the Association of Ratepayers…[email protected] we would be glad to have you!

  3. Agreed with Joseph, why wouldn’t a test be performed prior to the live feed?? Perhaps the ratepayers should’ve hired shaw. Very disappointing. Won’t bother watching old news tomorrow. I’ll save viewing the Algoma U debate Oct 9, on shaw .

    • If you never open a book…you will never know what it has to say. I was there…it was informative. Your choice if you want to wait..but the tech was never the story…but…if you don’t want to watch…don’t.

  4. I can’t believe I made popcorn for this. Did no one take it for a test drive before it went live???Was really looking forward to an entertaining evening of mud slinging.

    • apologies for the stream – we are working to try and determine the technical issues. Thank you for your comment kyle.

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