Well. It’s Over. Harold Archibald is the big winner in final Catch the Ace.


Harold Archibald must be dancing tonight. He certainly has over a million reasons to do so. There was no question that someone was going to win tonight with only envelope #48 left in the cabinet inside the George Wellington Esquire Club.

Mr. Archibald has won – are you ready for this – $1,323,000. That is the combined total for the nights jackpot ($175,774.00) with the progressive jackpot ($1,147,000).

The two designated charities, The Group Health Centre Trust Fund and Big Sisters Big Brothers of Sault Ste. Marie are also the big winners in all of this. $1,900,000 has been raised through Catch the Ace.

Boomer and Dominica Braido have moved mountains to make this event a success. The line-ups grew week after week, and a few weeks ago, the Sault Police began supporting the effort through traffic control on Second Line.

The Esquire Club is where charity and good works, meet ‘porketta bingo’ and a cold barley. It is now synonymous with ‘Catch the Ace.’

The Esquire Club is in fact, an incorporated non-profit organization. In 1947, the Esquire opened on Gore St., and in 1948, became a registered non-profit. The Esquire moved to its current location on Second Line West, 67 years ago.

ONNtv’s live coverage of Catch the Ace was challenged by the sheer volume of people tuning into the stream. Over 30,000 citizens logged on to ONNtv tonight. We absolutely appreciate everyone hanging in there with us – Our site was tested to the max. We have recorded the entire event and will re-broadcast portions tomorrow. Thank you to all of our viewers for your patience.

A big thank you to the Esquire Club staff and of course the Braido’s. You deserve a medal – and some down time. Of course, the Braido’s won’t be taking a break – as Porketta Bingos begin shortly on Saturdays at The Esquire Club.

Lord love a duck.






  1. I wonder if the majority are actually those residents who do not go public about anything ?

    Perhaps if so may be very displeased about all the gambling !

    They may not consider it helpful at all instead an embarrassment and harmful in the true sense.

    My communication is really for no wrong motive or improper purpose without any doubt whatsoever in my mind.

    It is in the good spirit of due respect as well as credit and goodwill in the real way without also no doubt in my mind.

  2. I wonder if the majority are not going public about anything and consider this all a disgrace.

    With all due respect and credit an embarrassment in another word rather than some asset ?

    In case of any rebuttal I ask for civility please.

    My communication is really for no wrong motive or improper purpose without any doubt whatsoever in my mind.

  3. Fantastic job to the Braidos and the staff of the Esquire Club. Congratulation to Harold Archibald!

    I said jokingly to Boomer Braido a few weeks ago that I was sure that my mother-in-law Carol Wierzbicki was hiding that Ace from up above. After reading this article my belief is confirmed “Lord Love a Duck” (WOW Lynne Brown what a choice of words) Those who knew her well would understand.

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