Win Jay Aymar Tickets Here


Former Sault resident Jay Aymar is coming home to release his 6th CD, Your Perfect Matador, and Superior Media wants to send eight people to the event.

Tune in to ONNTV’s Morning’s with Lou Anne and Tim, Monday to Friday at 8am to hear the daily trivia question.   E-mail your answer to [email protected] before midnight each night, all correct answers will be entered into a draw and the lucky winner will receive two tickets to the launch.

Fridays’s winner was Karen Guindon

Today’s question, Jay Aymer is the youngest of how many children?

You have until midnight tonight to send your answer.

E-mail your answer to [email protected]

Watch the Morning Show with Lou Anne and Tim on ONNTV at 8am for the name of today’s winner.

Aymar’s CD release is Saturday October 13th, 8pm at The Tech.