And Now Some Winter Driving Tips


As motorists take to the roads this morning you will find that winter driving is once again upon us.  Winter weather is clearly here to stay and the forecast is showing that our roads will continue to see snowfall for the next several hours.

Motorists are reminded to use caution while driving.  Give yourself extra time to get to your destinations and remember that road conditions can change from being clear to being ice covered in minutes.  Like today, visibility can be reduced at times so make sure to keep your windows clear of snow and other distractions.

It is important to completely clear ice and snow from your vehicles before driving.  This includes the hood, roof and windows on your vehicle.  Remember to keep a safe distance between yourself and other motor vehicles and be ready for traffic to stop unexpectedly.

Remember that the simple act of slowing down and sharing the road can help ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safely.