Apartment Fire – Tenants Evacuated


Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services were dispatched to an apartment fire on Huntington Park off Wellington Street Tuesday Evening at around 6pm.

Fire crews evacuated the  the two storey building while fighting a blaze on the upper floor apartment. Sault Ste. Marie Police Services closed Wellington Street in both directions from Lake to Shannon Rd.

The fire was quickly extinguished and fire fighters continue to investigate . No reports of any injuries or how long the tenants would be out in the cold. Heavy Smoke damage appears from the upper floor window,


  1. Well, I heard a choir of sirens about 1800 yesterday from my nearby residence and about a half our later I read the story about the fire on this site. I should think that at about the half hour mark, firefighters and EMS are still assessing for occupants and evacuating, controlling the blaze and keeping folks away from the scene. At that point, protection from the elements, such as a cozy, warm bus, is certainly necessary, but hardly a priority over getting people out of danger . So, I’m not surprised that there was no bus at the time of Mr. Huckerby’s reporting at 1830 and there was a bus full of people when Mr. Weir arrived afterward….a totally understandable discrepancy, and hardly proof that Sault on Line is drumming up fake news. Goodness…

    • I am so sorry, Danielle. They’ve probably been given the names of some community resources, but in case they haven’t, the United Way office, Salvation Army, and the Red Cross (in the phone book or google) would be places to start.

  2. Craig get your head out of your ass. Reporters have to be the biggest piers of all time to sell a story. I drove by 3 times to offer help. Wellington was not closed and in fact comments on Facebook suggested more signs and directions from EMS. As for people left out in the cold… pathetic pull at heart strings, a warm city bus parked out front with tenants in it. Wake up Craig, people are watching #fakenews

    • When I arrived, The street was closed, police had their cars on the street. I don’t know why you’re so upset about the story? it’s certainly not fake news lol …not sure what time you arrived to “help” but at 6:30 I gathered the information available.

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