Big Storm Could Dump 10cm On Friday


It is November afterall, and around these parts that means a transition from Autumn to Winter, and that appears to be in the cards for this coming weekend.

A series of low pressure systems will move into the area starting today with rain mixing with wet snow tonight along with some gusty winds.

Temperatures will continue to drop after today into the negative digits over night. No accumulation of snow is expected until Friday when two systems merge with a cold shot of air poised to drop over the Great Lakes by Thursday. Come Friday, snow showers mainly from lake effect snows will begin and drop as much as 10 to 15cm by Saturday. Making it the first measurable snow on the ground for the season.
The snow could last a bit with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark heading into next week.

The good news is, if you aren’t into snow that is, the first snowfall will likely melt before winter really begins to settle in for later in the month.

At present Environment Canada has not issued a warning or watch. ONNtv will continue to monitor the weather conditions and update when needed.


  1. Real forecast: There may be a dusting of wet s**w that will quickly melt. It’s too early to talk about s**w. Quit it! I can’t even type that four letter word!

  2. Winter tires: check! Snowblower tuned and at the ready: check! 4X4 and anti-locks functioning: check! Bring it on! I am Canadian! You don’t intimidate me.

  3. The article says 10 cm and Craig has to sneak in an extra 5 cm.
    I think he is into snow, and all kinds of other nasty weather, even though the forecasts are only a guess!

  4. Lake Superior is warmer than ever after our very warm summer. If the winds blow wnw expect a lot of lake affect snow. I read where EL NINJO is set to make an appearance as well…that can be a big snow maker as well.

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