Constable Sonny Spina Gives Update on Opioid Overdoses, Four Deaths


In light of the tragic loss of four lives last week, all of which are believed to be opioid related, the Sault Ste. Marie Police Services have advised the community that there are dangerous drugs on the streets and no two pills are the same.

Constable Sonny Spina highlighted the stark reality that they know that if there are four deaths, there are more overdoses than just that once you add those who have treated themselves with naloxone, narcan, those who went straight to the hospital, or those who called the paramedics.

He shared that the Sault police have been working hand in hand with the Drug Strategy, with the primary concern being to get the drugs out of the community as opposed to focusing on “arresting or charging” addicts or users out of addiction.

The situation is more complex with that, which is why community partnerships among local agencies is critical in terms of outreach, harm reduction and rehabilitation.

In terms of the four deaths that were lost this past week, Spina stated that the police are awaiting toxicology reports to determine exactly what drugs were involved. It is likely that there was a bad batch of drugs that led to this tragic result.



  1. It was not ‘bad drugs’. Couldn’t be. Good, strong, real drugs, would be what kills people.
    People don’t overdose on ‘cut’. No one is adding anything ‘good’ or ‘potent’ to their products. Worst case? caffeine.
    Not bad drugs. Bad choices.
    Bad drugs don’t kill people. Good drugs do.
    Let’s make people accountable for their own choices, not look anywhere else for blame.
    Drug dealers want their customers alive. Alive and happy.
    Did he really just say he hopes letting the public know that there have been deaths from ‘bad drugs’, might help people make good choices? Problem solved. Just tell people drugs are bad and can lead to overdose.
    We know what doesn’t work. Coddling/excusing/enabling junkies.
    Take every dealer out, there will be a replacement for every single one. Because the demand is high.
    The only possible logical solution is to take out the demand. Place blame where it belongs, on the junkies. Pick them up, clean up the streets. No demand = no supply.
    Simple economics.

    • Ronald C Schinners I concur with the about of deaths we have on Vancouver Island, however, this is an epidemic and these are human being dying that’s a big deal. We need a solution to the problem, like cleaning up the streets! Muncipalty’s Officials perhaps should look into how Swift Current Albert project has been working towards community building – together. It’s intense & working.🎶

    • Laurie Thomas to be honest the cops know what’s going on across the country. these drugs get here from far away places. cocaine from Columbia. boat or plane that’s how it gets here who’s letting it in? people with lots of money. the fentanyl apparently being brought in from China by 4 families. this prison guard I had in my taxi.. he said they were told this is being done by China to mess with our social networks. police are behind alot of things in this country its disgusting. but nobody will believe any of it.

  2. He keeps stating that police need to be called first and their objective will be to save a persons life.. but that is not their job. Call the paramedics first. Why even call the police? Most people dont realize this but the sault police were found to be the second most corrupt police force in all of canada. Second only to Vancouver. This was the result of an investigation by the OPP. So again why would anyone call the police when they lie and are the reason behind the Sault drug problem! “our first priority is to save lives” that is a blatant lie.

    • Here’s an idea. Reduce poverty etc. that can easily lead to depression and to a mental illness. Increase accessible and affordable services for people with mental health problems. The issues that precede opioid use need to be addressed. Attack the source of the problem not the person.

  3. Everybody seems to think the police do nothing…u do realize there is a process to collecting enough evidence to make sure that they can build a case and keep these ppl behind bars for as long as possible….its not like they are doing nothing at all.

  4. Constable Sonny Spina and the rest of the SSM Police force care more about our citizens, than our so-called mayor who doesn’t seem to give a damn. He is more concerned about a facelift at city hall than to step in and ensure that our local addicts get the help that they so badly require!!

  5. Couldn’t the police not check the cell phone records of the 4 people that died to see if there is a connection with a “dealer” and possibly have a judge sign off on a search warrant (for probable cause) to said dealer and Get the drugs off the street?? Can they not do something like that?

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